Hurry overtaking busy accident injury

2022-05-08 0 By

Shanxi legal newspaper Datong news (Liu Chao correspondent Liu Xilong) February 9 at 6 o ‘clock, Datong citizens Zhang driving his beloved white minibus on the way to work in the unit, because of hurry, regardless of traffic safety, all the way to run, strong super hard meeting.When driving to baimiaocun, 413 km of National Highway 109, overtaking, in order to avoid a turning vehicle in front, he drove his beloved minibus out of the road and crashed it into the wall outside the road, causing serious damage to his car.Datong city public Security Bureau traffic police detachment eight brigade police on the basis of the scene inspection and vehicle recorder, according to the traffic safety law article 43 section 1 section 1 in front of the vehicle is turning when not overtaking provisions, confirm zhang is responsible for the accident.Editor in charge: Wang Wenge