Innovation-driven head on difficulties, China’s first major production and operation successfully got off to a good start in January

2022-05-08 0 By

Northeast Broadcasting Qiqihar news (Shao Yingming, Ma Shuangli, Wei Boqin) The reporter learned from the 2022 “A good Start in January” summary and commendation meeting held by Yizhong Group recently:In January of this year, China First Heavy Group continued to emancipate the mind, deepen reform comprehensively, strengthen innovation-driven, accelerate structural adjustment, improve management, and give full play to the leading and guarantee role of party construction. Total profits increased by 23.7% year on year, and operating revenue increased by 11% year on year, successfully fulfilling the target of “a good start in January”.It has laid a solid foundation for unswervingly completing the target of annual operation.The meeting called for the courage to shoulder the mission and create further glory.We will undertake the arduous strategic task of making China’s top manufacturing hub stronger, better and bigger. We will focus on the 2022 work targets, formulate detailed and scientific special work plans, and accelerate the development of both traditional industries with strong strengths and strategic emerging industries.Metal material equipment and non-metal material equipment, “manufacturing + service” and “manufacturing + system solutions” are changing hand in hand, striving to achieve higher quality, more efficient, fairer, more sustainable and safer development.We must emancipate our minds and blaze new trails.We will guide all Party members, officials and employees to emancipate their minds in deepening the understanding of enterprise conditions, in comprehensively deepening reform, and in institutional innovation. We will find the right position in serving and integrating into the new development pattern, and work hard to upgrade nuclear power, petrochemical, high-end metallurgy and other equipment.As well as the development of the whole wind power industry chain, intelligent drilling mass production and other “there is a good, out of nothing” articles, constantly open up a new situation, establish new advantages, to a new level.We must rise to the difficulties and strive to overcome them.Give full play to the “first town” in China’s manufacturing industry enterprise status, insist on combining problem oriented, target oriented and result oriented, vigorously implement the strategy of innovation driven development, improve the “4451” science and technology innovation motivation mechanism, accelerate the deepening reform of three years, collaborative pays special attention to the “double hundred” change “demonstrative action” in the reform of special engineering,We will further modernize our management system, guard against and defuse risks, and keep to the “red line” and “bottom line” of high-quality development.The requirement is really pragmatic, work and entrepreneurship.We must concentrate our minds and work together.We will guide workers to devote themselves to the major cause of making China stronger, better, and larger. We will resolutely meet the annual production and operation targets, elevate China’s manufacturing hub to a new level, and accelerate the building of a world-class industrial group with global competitiveness. We will welcome the opening of the 20th CPC National Congress with concrete actions.At the meeting, flags were awarded to special equipment, Dalian Nuclear Power and Petrochemical, Agricultural Machinery company and Advanced Unit, Marketing Department, Longjiang Heavy Industry, and Dalian Engineering Technology, which won the title of “Red Start in January 2022”.