New Year’s Day, idle look at the lights said Yangzhou

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Lantern Festival, yangzhou ancient tradition, after the reform and opening up lively for many years.In the 1980s, 1990s and later, sometimes held every year, sometimes occasionally, it is a great event after the people of Yangzhou.Light city or light exhibition, located in yangzhou city in different places, both easy for people to watch, but also effectively avoid the flow of people concentrated in one place, more in line with the Lantern Festival, everyone’s game.At the same time, there are guessing lantern riddles added to the fun.Thousand-hand Guanyin lights yangzhou city, from the beginning of the 13th month.The preparation of the light city, is launched early in the year before.At that time, all units of skilled craftsmen gathered together, each show means.Our unit is big in Yangzhou, and there are several fixed people sent abroad every year to be responsible for making lamps.No matter how busy you are, put it down.The unit is smaller than the government, no matter how big it is.If you want to know the situation of the light market, you have to go to the home of your colleagues to understand the “inside” happy.That year, looking forward to the mood of the lamp, and the ancient novels and operas in the young men and women have a fight.Just looking at the lights.The Lantern Festival was a yearly valentine’s Day when people could go out for exercise.Don’t you see the ancients write: “Last January, the flower market lights as day.On the willow tip head, after the person about dusk!”A love at first sight story, because of the Lantern Festival will open.Should the second year be harvested?The!But “this year when the Yuan Night, the flowers and lights are still the same.See last year, tears shed blue shirt sleeve!”No mobile phone, no wechat;No name, no address.We don’t know whether last year is married or dead.Such as daylight city meet, lightning in general.But, beautiful woman default, meaning appendix.A “still” light market, without soul and beauty, is no longer a joy, but a sad place.Compared to the above, Xin Jiaxuan’s “Yuan Xi”, not the same.Can’t find?Slowly looking for thin, finally “he found thousands of baidu, that person is in, lights dim”!Wang Guowei compared this poem to the study of the three realms of the highest one, wonderful.From “lights as day” to “lights dim”, looking for a whole night.Found, all the hard into happiness!Flying dragon in the city of lanterns a lot of stories.Most of them are good.Yangzhou people see lanterns, not such romantic.However, look at the lamp riddles, how much a little “elegant” fun.Running around the city every day, trying to see as many lights as possible is true.After all, at that time, there was competition.Every lamp is as good and beautiful as possible!Later, “Song Clip city” was discovered, the light market concentrated there.One night to see the city lights, is no longer luxury.Exquisite peacock lights, dragon lights about to fly, naive panda lights, people can sit on the big boat lights……Under each lamp, the unit of manufacture is labeled.Look at the lamp, but also incidentally understand different units and conditions.Skillful people are not women as we think, but mostly men.Like chefs and obstetricians.”Little trick” and “big trick”, simple as that.Look at the lights. It’s ambience.If so big lamp city has one or two visitors only, again good also bad.Therefore, there are people who have everything, including aesthetic appreciation and appreciation of beauty.Now, the market is gone, and so are the people who watch it.It’s one of the scariest words ever.No!No!No!The cat flips through the photos at home, and the fun of looking at the lights year after year does not diminish, becoming a memory.Good thing there are pictures.In fact, you can’t see the large-scale Lantern Festival. If you go to the streets and alleys of Yangzhou, there are still “nian” and lamps stubbornly existing.The ancient Chinese New Year, some in the lunar January, some in the lunar December.In the Qin Dynasty, The First Emperor of qin decided that October was the first month.Chinese New Year is in early October.Why is that?The pictograph of the year word is a negative valley, a good harvest.Celebrations and sacrifices are due to a good harvest.Today’s New Year is still “eat” as the theme, is the ancient remains.Playing with lanterns, lanterns, lanterns, the same ancient sacrifice remains.Before New Year’s Eve, the streets are selling Spring Festival couplets, calendar heads and pressure red envelopes.After thirty, in the same place, lanterns sing the leading role.The most C, is undoubtedly the year of the zodiac.This year, the tiger took the lead.Simple and honest tiger, majestic tiger, cat tiger, have arrived at the front desk.In addition to the tiger, the zodiac is always victorious general when the rabbit.If the clock is turned back a few decades, the children playing with lights in the streets and alleys will carry and drag rabbit lights.Lotus lamp, lotus root lamp is rarely accompanied.Then there is a red lantern in the shape of a cylinder.I didn’t play with lights when I was a kid, but NOW I have kids.I like cylindric lamps best, so I can hold my head high in the breeze.Now, that simple lantern has long been gone.A variety of beautiful and small lanterns, to decorate, to play with or “little red lanterns hung high” on the balcony.Playing with the lights is just what children expect.Every lamp in the past was made by craftsmen.In half a year ago began to prepare busy, for the New Year a few days to earn a silver.”Playing with the lights in the xia, the lights in the ma”, children from generation to generation, every year the first month review.But, “the hemp that tie a lamp is in” “tie”, right?Today, I suddenly feel that it should be “hit”, because there are always big children who can not play the lamp, hiding in some place, such as children dragging big rabbits in the past, with stones broken, provoked children crying.The troublemakers snuck away comfortably.Yesterday I went to a big commercial center, and there was a special space for selling lights.The price of the lamp inside is far beyond my imagination.One hundred and fifty for a desirable tiger lamp.You can imagine a better one.Although surrounded a circle of people, in addition to very few people to choose, more to see.Young parents with children did not hesitate to pay for the money, but to discuss with the children, the money can eat what, and some, pull the children directly leave.If there are 2 fetuses 3 fetuses, play lamp to the child, also be a brushstroke expenditure originally!Look at the lights.I’ve seen it and played it.