On the first day of the first month to the 15th, these exquisite and taboo you want to know

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Today is the first day of the New Year, the first day of the New Year.I wish you all a vigorous and powerful Year of the Tiger!Good luck, peace and health!Even though every day is like The Spring Festival nowadays, there are many traditions in the traditional culture to celebrate the Spring Festival. Do you know when you can’t use a broom?When can I not take out the garbage?Shouldn’t you pay a New Year call some day?Don’t worry this is all sorted out for you quickly look down on the first day of the first month do not move the broom, otherwise it will sweep away luck, money.Even if you must sweep the floor, sweep from the outside to the inside.To today, many places still retain this custom, before the New Year’s Eve to clean up, the first day of the New Year not out of the broom, not garbage, a large bucket to hold waste water, that day not outside.In the New Year can not break furniture dishes, broken is a bankrupt omen, have to quickly say “old (broken) old (broken) peace” or “fall to bloom, riches and honour.”On the second day of the second year, the married daughter goes back to her parents’ home and asks her husband to accompany her, so it is commonly known as “Welcome Son-in-law Day”.On this day, the daughter must bring some gifts and red envelopes to give to the children of her mother’s family, and have lunch at her mother’s home, but must return to her husband’s home before dinner.In the past, families also chose this day to take family photos.The third day of the third lunar year is also known as red Dog Day, which has a homonym with “red mouth”. People usually do not go out to pay New Year’s greetings.However, this custom has long been out of date, as people rarely get together during the Spring Festival now, which has become much less popular.The fourth day of the year is the day of offering sacrifices to the god of wealth.In the past, when a boss wanted to “fire” someone, he would not be invited to worship god that day, and the person would know and leave.It is also said that the Kitchen God will check his household registration on this day, so he should not travel far.The fifth day of the first lunar month is commonly known as “breaking five”, which means “chasing five poor”, including “poor in intelligence, learning, literature, life and communication”.People get up at dawn, set off firecrackers and do some cleaning.Firecrackers from the inside out, side put side to the door.It means to throw out all the bad things.On this day, the common folk food custom is to eat dumplings, commonly known as “pinch the mouth of the villain”, Tianjin people break five this day, every family eat dumplings, and chopping board to chop ding Dong ring, let the neighbors hear, to show that they are chopping “villain”.On the sixth day of the sixth year, shops and restaurants were officially opened for business.It is said that boys aged 12 are the most popular on this day, because 12 is twice the number of 6, which is called “Liu Liu Dashun”.On this day, every household should throw out the garbage accumulated during the festival and call the ghost of poverty to be sent.The seventh day is the day, that is, the birthday of people.According to the book of Accounts, from the beginning of the first day, the order of god to create all things is “one chicken, two dogs, three pigs, four sheep, five cattle, six horses, seven people and eight grain”, so the seventh day is the day of man.On this day, Hong Kong people like to eat rice porridge, the so-called rice porridge, hoping to succeed in the imperial examinations.Everyone should be respected on this day. Even the government should not execute criminals on this day, and parents should not teach their children on this day.The eighth day is millet day, legend is millet’s birthday, also called shun Star festival.Legend this is the day of the lower world of stars, the sky stars out of the most complete.If the day is sunny, it means a good harvest of rice in the year, while cloudy days are unfortunate.On the ninth day of the Lunar New Year, the jade Emperor’s birthday is celebrated by a grand ceremony.The tenth day is the birthday of the stone, on this day all grinding, grinding and other stone tools can not move, even sacrifice to the stone.In Shandong yuncheng and other places have carried stone god.On the night of the ninth day, people freeze a pot on a large smooth stone. On the morning of the tenth day, the pot’s nose is tied with a rope and carried by ten boys in turn. If the stone does not fall to the ground, it indicates a good harvest that year.The 11th day of the 1st lunar month is “Son-in-law Day”, a day for fathers-in-law to entertain their sons-in-law.The ninth day to celebrate the “birthday of the Lord of Heaven” leftover food, in addition to the tenth day to eat, there are still a lot of, so the family does not have to spend money, they use these leftover food to entertain the son-in-law and daughter, folk song called “eleven please son”.After the 11th day of the first lunar month, people begin to prepare to celebrate the Lantern Festival. From the 12th day of the first lunar month, people begin to buy lanterns and build lantern shelters.The nursery rhyme goes like this: “Eleven shout and chirp, twelve put up the lamp shed, thirteen turn on the lamp, fourteen lights are bright, fifteen rows and half a moon, sixteen people finish the lamp.”The Lantern Festival, also known as Shangyuan Festival, is the first night of the year when the moon is full and the earth returns to spring.Lantern Festival lantern burning custom since the Han Dynasty, the theme of all activities on this day to emphasize a “trouble” character, lanterns, lion dance, walking on stilts, guessing riddles, but also eat yuanxiao, tangyuan.A big year, celebrate reunion, school year vulgar!Quick collection!Source: Yueyang Evening News, People’s Daily, CCTV news, etc