Sky drop “VIP”, unbind need to turn 120,000?Passing police decisively stop

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Suddenly finding yourself a “VIP” member is just pie in the sky?Or is there more to it?”Mom, how much money do you have in your bank account?””The rural business has 78 thousand yuan, and the postal service has 50 thousand yuan. Why?””The customer service asked to put the money out, or the VIP will deduct 6,000 yuan.”On February 7, a conversation between a mother and daughter in The Garden of The City of Korla aroused the alarm of a passing police officer, Jiang Tao.”Sorry, disturb, I am the new city police station of Korla City public Security Bureau jiade police room police, overheard your dialogue, I help you confirm it.”Jiang Tao immediately interrupted them and invited them to the police office to learn about the situation.Originally, the same day around 10:50, Ms. Ma and her mother in Jiade garden visiting relatives, received a call claiming to be a well-known shopping website customer service staff, the other party said that due to work error, it was a “VIP” member.The annual membership fee is 6000 yuan, which can be deducted in a lump sum or 500 yuan of membership fee can be deducted from the bank card every month. The fee will be deducted in the afternoon of that day, and we will ask her whether she needs to cancel.A hearing to deduct so much money, Ms. Ma panicked, the other party explained that they can help them do the relevant process of returning business, they asked the deposit bank and the deposit amount, but also transferred the phone to “bank service”.The other party asked Ms. Ma to put on earphones and talk to her, claiming that it would take time to review the cancellation of the “VIP” membership, and that 120,000 yuan of the two bank cards should be transferred to Alipay first and then to the so-called “security account” in order to avoid automatic deduction by the system.Anxious Ms. Ma is discussing with her mother what to do, passing police Jiang Tao decisively stop.”Shopping website customer service how direct transfer bank customer service?Why did the bank customer service let you transfer the money?”After police Jiang Tao’s careful analysis, Ma suddenly realized that she was falling into the trap of a liar, so immediately terminated the operation to avoid property losses.In fact, this kind of fraud is full of loopholes cheater using “member” “deduction fee” and other pretense using visible loss of money to make victims feel uneasy in the virtual situation of the cheater victim lost judgment and then into the cheater carefully designed trap specific fraud steps: 1, lure.The cheater through the phone said that the operation error to the user opened a VIP member, let the victim choose whether to untie, if not tied, every month to charge a certain fee, usually the victim will choose to untie;2. Gain trust.The swindler said he needed to integrate the bank card bound by Alipay and contacted the bank, and then the swindler pretended to be a bank staff member and contacted the victim by phone.3. Commit fraud.Require the victim to transfer the money to the designated account to cancel the VIP membership, cheat the balance of the bank card also want to cheat loans.Source: Korla Public Security Bureau