The British Prime Minister is not far from stepping down.These three incidents are both funny and funny, and concern the THREE countries of the UK and Italy

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Under the epidemic, all living beings come into their own.Some things are really funny and funny. Here are three new things happening in Britain, the United States and Italy.1. Add to the scandal over Britain’s prime minister.British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s “party party” scandal has brought new Revelations, itv reported on January 25.According to sources, Johnson held a birthday party at 10 Downing Street in 2020, in serious breach of a ‘no indoor parties’ ban imposed at the time.The Revelations are the latest in a long line of Revelations about Mr Johnson’s party, which has already been linked to a Christmas party at Downing Street last year and a garden party during lockdown last year.The newly revealed “birthday party” is the third and threatens to end Johnson’s premiership.What is more inconceivable is that the British Prime Minister’s handling of the public opinion crisis may have made this incident worse, which will only make things more complicated and the result worse.After the scandal broke, Downing Street did two things.First, it responded that the Revelations were untrue.Downing Street said staff had gathered briefly for less than 10 minutes to express their best wishes for Mr Johnson’s birthday, and there was no party and no outsiders, just a few people who work closely with the prime minister.The second is to put pressure on insiders.In the wake of the scandal, a senior downing Street official put pressure on his staff to delete all information about the “party” from their mobile phones and ordered them not to share any information about it.Do these two things are vicious, with insiders have revealed that the means that somebody else’s hand holds the real substance, downing street staff even if delete your cell phone information, but has been leaking out information has inevitable, do exactly is served, the obvious is no silver three hundred and twenty here.Cressida Dick, the metropolitan Police commissioner, said on January 25th that a “downing Street party” inquiry was under way and was expected to give its verdict within a week. Many are waiting for it, with the prime minister’s political future and the fate of many others at stake.Despite his protestation that he broke no rules, the latest opinion poll shows that it does not matter whether the prime minister is true or false, and that a majority of Britons now believe he is untrustworthy.The day of reckoning is drawing near, and I fear it will not be long before Mr Johnson steps down.The scandal of the British prime minister may have gained prominence because of his political status, but in the United States, the behavior of a civilian man is even more puzzling.2. Us man denied heart transplant because of vaccine rejection.The world is big and there are many things.Ferguson, a 31-year-old man from Boston, has been waiting in hospital for a heart transplant, the New York Post and other media reported on January 25.Eventually, he made it to the top of the hospital’s heart transplant list and could be operated on soon, as long as a suitable donor was available.But ferguson was taken off the list because he refused to be vaccinated, which is mandatory for patients undergoing surgery.So why did Ferguson reject the vaccine?Because he doesn’t believe in COVID-19 vaccines.Ferguson’s father gave an interview to the media, expressing three things: first, he respects his son’s opinion.The heartbroken old father said Ferguson had gone to the brink of death in order to assert himself.But he said he would respect his son’s wishes because it was his own body and he had the right to decide what to do with it.The second is to seek other options.Ferguson’s family is considering transferring him to another hospital with no vaccination policy, but ferguson is too frail to be transferred safely.Ferguson’s approach is puzzling. After all, life comes first, and what could be more important than survival?Even if the vaccine is in doubt, it is better to be vaccinated and operated on than to die without surgery.Maybe this is the cognitive difference caused by cultural differences.3. 91-year-old Man escapes from nursing home in ItalyA 91-year-old Italian man, Mario Finotti, died after trying to escape from the care home by climbing out of a first-floor window with a sheet tied around his waist, the Daily Mail of London reported.According to the source, because the care center recently adopted stricter epidemic prevention and control measures, in order to avoid mutual infection, elderly people are not allowed to enter each other’s rooms, perhaps Finotti felt lonely and wanted to go out for a walk.What a sad event.Under the epidemic, people’s body and mind have undergone a huge test, all kinds of strange behavior is not surprising, but always remember a word: cherish life!