This year henan plans to open to traffic 16 expressways, passing your home?

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“Located in the hinterland of Taihang Mountain, the spiral tunnel complex consists of eight tunnels with a total length of 28 kilometers, making it the longest spiral tunnel in the world.”February 18, located in Huixian xinjin expressway block Village ying to Ying Pan (provincial boundary) section of the project control engineering Hankou tunnel construction site, with the tunnel ventilation, water, feed and other equipment issued a huge roar, xinjin high-speed project company general manager Wang Dong told reporters.Xinjin Expressway is a high-speed channel connecting Henan and Shanxi provinces. The starting point of the project from Chuanchunying to Yingpan (provincial boundary) is connected with Hebao Expressway, and the end point is connected with Shanxi Gaoling Expressway, with a total length of 69.754 kilometers.Spiral tunnel group along taihang Mountain winding circle 2 and a half times, 9 Bridges and 9 tunnels connected, with a large height difference, a long single hole, small turning radius, more circling circle characteristics.”The Hankou Tunnel we are responsible for constructing is 4.4 kilometers long and has a minimum turning radius of 700 meters. It is the longest spiral tunnel with small radius and large elevation difference in the world, and it is also a key control project of the project.”Mu Chaohua, deputy general manager of the Fourth Engineering Co., LTD of China Construction Road and Bridge Group, said that the project company coordinated in advance to reserve construction materials and did not stop construction during the Spring Festival. At present, the left and right lines of the tunnel have been excavated 3,029 meters and 2,999 meters respectively, and the tunnel is scheduled to open in late July.When the whole project opens to traffic, the distance from Xinxiang to Jincheng will be greatly shortened.On the same day, henan highway “13445 project” open to traffic project construction will be held in Xinxiang.As the main battlefield of the highway “13445 project” construction project, there are 5 of the 16 highway projects to be opened to traffic this year, 194 kilometers are located here. Xinxiang ranks first in the number of highway projects, construction mileage and the number of projects to be opened to traffic this year.In addition to the Xinjin Expressway, along the Taihang Expressway (Xinxiang section) Huangshuihe bridge is tense and orderly deck pavement, the recent cold air did not affect the heat of the construction site.”Although our project is only 29.54 kilometers, it connects baligou, Guanshan, Baiyun Temple, Baoquan, Yuntai Mountain and other scenic spots, making it a characteristic highway for tourism.”Along the Taihang Expressway (Xinxiang section) project manager Ge Linyan said that the cumulative completion of the project has more than 70 percent of the investment, will be completed within this year to open to traffic, better serve the economic and social development along the Taihang mountain area.In addition, ever stop work because of a variety of reasons “rotten tail” crane hui expressway, at present construction breakpoint is basically eliminated, is speeding up construction according to open to traffic target.At the construction site of the Wanxianshan toll station, the house construction project was carried out in an orderly manner.According to reports, the project roadbed earthwork, bridge substructure, beam slab prefabrication, culvert channel, tunnel basically completed, is accelerating the implementation of toll station, service area, mechanical and electrical, afforestation and other ancillary engineering construction.Highway “13445 project” to promote significant results, as of February 11, the province’s highway projects this year completed a total investment of 10.7 billion yuan, accounting for 10.7% of the annual plan of 100 billion yuan, including Luanchuan to Lu, Xixia to Xichuan, Ningling to Shenqiu high-speed investment plan has completed more than 50% of the first quarter,For the realization of the project construction “good start” to lay a solid foundation.The reporter learned that this year my province plans to increase the mileage of expressways open to traffic more than 800 kilometers, the total mileage to break through 8000 kilometers.By the end of June, the Hebi-Huixian Expressway, the Xinxiang section along the Taihang Expressway, and the Huangshui To Xinzhuang interchange section along the Xinjin Expressway, with three projects totaling 107 kilometers, were completed and opened to traffic.By the end of September, four 145-kilometer projects, including the Puyang section of the Puwei Expressway and the Shuanglong-to-Xixia section of the Zhengzhou-Xi Expressway, were completed and opened to traffic.By the end of the year, we will strive to complete and open to traffic a number of projects, including the Shangcai – Luoshan section of the Anluo Expressway and the Lianhuo – Erguang Expressway connection line.Source: Henan Daily reporter: Song Min Copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact to delete the editor: Du Ruosen review: Lou Heng