Urban sub-center pilot “intelligent care system” to enable high-quality development of elderly care services

2022-05-08 0 By

In order to create a temperature, precision, scene, standard and innovation guarantee of the “city sub-center smart pension model”, Tongzhou District, with the elderly as the center, has completed the research and development of intelligent elderly care system, and has begun trial operation.Lucheng Nursing Home is one of the nursing institutions in Tongzhou district to pilot intelligent care system.The system takes the actual needs of the elderly as the starting point and relies on big data to generate reasonable care plans for nursing institutions and home caregivers.It can not only track the care process, but also enhance the professional skills of caregivers through online courses.At the same time, it provides the process data of care services for the regulatory authorities, which is more convenient for supervision.Take pressure ulcers prevention mini program as an example, the care system fully supports the prevention of pressure ulcers online popular science, pressure ulcers online evaluation and other smart pension application scenario chain.In the institutional scenario, nursing staff can get targeted evaluation and suggestions through the system to effectively improve their care ability;In the home setting, pressure ulcers are assessed from scientifically verifiable practical experience. Even if ordinary caregivers are inexperienced, they can easily be assessed for the elderly at home with the help of small procedures. Based on the assessment results, effective measures can be taken as soon as possible.Qi Ruihong, vice president of Lu Cheng Nursing Home, said, “Relying on the 22 services of civil Administration as the benchmark, we make our work more standardized, refined and intelligent.Our staff can complete their work through mobile phones, and the service level for the elderly has been effectively improved.”Reporter: Wang He, Li Wendong, editor in charge: Wang Chao