Wujing Hollywood blockbusters are advertised by CCTV, with international superstars as partners, whether the box office can exceed watergate Bridge

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Wu jing has been making waves in the Chinese-language film and television industry for several years, first gaining fame in 2015 with Wolf Warrior, which he directed and starred in.Subsequently, Wu Jing directly released the sequel Wolf Warrior 2. After the release of the film, the popularity of the film continued to soar, and with the increase of the word of mouth, the box office rose very fiercely, and directly reached 5.694 billion yuan after the delay, becoming the first in the total box office at that time.Two years later, Wu Jing challenged the sci-fi blockbuster for the first time, starring the Wandering Earth, which raked in 4.68 billion yuan at the box office. In 2021, the Chinese epic war film Changjin Lake came out of nowhere, and became the “spokesman” of mainland movies with an unstoppable momentum.Even the sequel “Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” (” Watergate Bridge “), starring Wu Jing in the 2022 Spring Festival, is expected to reach 3.99 billion yuan with the help of the extension key.Currently, Wu jing stars in the Hollywood blockbuster “Megalodon 2: The Abyss” (hereinafter referred to as “Megalodon 2”), which is promoted by China Central Television (CCTV), with a caption saying that the film will be released in 2023. Will it surpass “Watergate Bridge” at the box office?As the sequel to “Megalodon”, the sequel to “Megalodon 2” is still about the battle between humans and giant sharks in the underwater world. The new installment will bring us more exciting stories and exciting action scenes, presenting the mysterious and spectacular mythological Jurassic world.The focus of the first part is the depiction of the giant creature megalodon, in the perspective and close-range all-round display of the way, the huge creature seal cut out.By Megalodon 2, there could be more than one megalodon, which means there could be not just humans fighting sharks, but two sharks fighting each other, and just thinking about it is going to get your adrenaline going.The budget investment cost of the sequel is as high as 1.2 billion YUAN, which will certainly give us new surprises in terms of special effects production. In terms of the selection of actors, we can see that the film has attached great importance to the Chinese market.One of the main actors is Jason Statham, the international martial arts star who starred in the Fast and The Furious series.The other male hero is Wu Jing of our country. His acting strength has been shown in the Wolf Warrior series as early as possible. He is fast and agile, and has a sense of power, which can give the audience a strong visual impact.Wu jing and Jason Statham working together for the first time is definitely a strong alliance, and if the film can improve on the quality of the plot, it may stand out in terms of cast and content.Box office king Wu Jing, can become a box office stepping stone?In fact, “Megalodon 2” in many domestic actors to choose Wu Jing, the reason is very simple because he carries 28.3 billion box office, in the domestic film and television circle has a strong appeal, the Chinese film history of the top ten films are four of his starring.It’s worth noting that this isn’t wu’s first time shooting a Hollywood blockbuster. In 2008, he starred in Jet Li’s The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, which took three days to shoot, but ended up with only seven seconds of footage, barely recognisable in the rapid editing.Wu tried his hand at a Hollywood role again. In 2013, he landed a mild role in Iron Man 3, which was cut entirely and ended up not even appearing in the feature film.However, after Wu Jing became the first male actor at the box office, all kinds of Hollywood blockbusters took the initiative to come, which is the reality and cruelty of the society, only you can get respect, during this period, Wu Jing also rejected a lot of opportunities, in many blockbusters selected this “Megalodon 2”, most of the actors may have a strong point.In addition, megalodon, although it has a bad reputation in the mainland, has indeed raked in $530 million at the box office worldwide. It is also an extremely rare film in co-production, of which 153 million was provided by the mainland. In this case, the mainland box office has exceeded 1 billion.If “Megalodon 2” by the impact of the last film reputation, the mainland total box office of 1 billion yuan capped, but this time the film side obviously attaches more importance to the Chinese market, invited Wu Jing to join, with his appeal, it is not a dream to reach 3 billion yuan.However, in recent years, the momentum of overseas blockbusters is not as good as before. For example, the box office of James Bond: No Time to Die, a major IP film in 2021, did not even reach 500 million yuan. All the special effects and explosive shocking scenes passed the test.Megalodon 2, as a co-production film, if it can achieve the combination of advantages, with a novel domestic story and superb special effects technology, then it will definitely have an extraordinary look and feel, coupled with the appeal of actors, will definitely be a blockbuster.All in all, Megalodon 2, from investment to casting, not only shows the intentions of the film makers, but also shows that our growing strength has been enough to attract the attention of overseas film makers.If according to the domestic audience’s consistent taste and recognition of the actor Wu Jing, the cinema will largely support, but whether the final box office can surpass watergate Bridge depends on the quality of the finished product, we can expect more.