A Shanghai girl whose family was quarantined has an unexpected “fourth mother”

2022-05-09 0 By

Recently, the epidemic let Shanghai Putuo District Yichuan road streets of the little girl nine sister and family temporarily, also let her harvest a blood without “four mother” and a group of loving uncle aunt.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, The Zhaojiayuan residential area of Yichuan Road has focused on the needs of special groups and guarded the lives of residents with special care.Before, nine sister in addition to his mother, also recognized two godmother.This time, Du Jiamin, the party chief in The zhaojiayuan neighborhood, became her fourth “mother.”Nine sister grandparents were isolated, in order to make her get better care, the girl in Zhao Park neighborhood committee began a “new life”, neighborhood committee staff when the nine sister “temporary guardian”, take turns to accompany her online class, homework, painting…Nine sister see neighborhood committee “family” people hard, also apply to do some of the work.Distribute supplies to volunteers, send lunch boxes to staff who have no time to eat, sort out the nucleic acid registration QR code printed in advance…She understood the hard work of adults within the scope of her ability, and silently repaid everyone with action.(Produced by Gao Zhimiao and Xu Miaqiao) Switchboard: 86-10-887826688 Illegal and undesirable information reporting hotline: 15699788000 The information posted on this website does not reflect the views of China News Service or Chinanws.com.Articles published and used in this website shall be authorized in writing.Unauthorized reprinting, excerpting, copying and the establishment of mirror image is prohibited, violators will be investigated for legal responsibility.Copyright © 1999-2022 Chinanews.com. All Rights Reserved