A public welfare project on pelvic floor dysfunction was launched to focus on women’s quality of life

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Recently, a two-child mother in the hit TV series “The Psychologist” was ridiculed for leaking urine in public, and many people said they were shocked when they saw the scene.Last Mother’s Day, Ella of The Taiwanese band SHE also posted on Weibo about her “urine leakage” caused by the prolapse of her uterus and bladder after giving birth.In medicine, postpartum urine leakage is caused by postpartum pelvic floor muscle relaxation, and due to a lack of public awareness, many baby mothers are being criticized.On January 18, at wuhan True Love Maternity Hospital’s private pelvic floor patent technology press conference and the launching ceremony of women’s pelvic floor dysfunction public welfare project, three precious mothers shared similar experiences.Ms. Chen is a mother of two children, Da Bao, 7, and Er Bao, 4, both of whom were born naturally.The first year after the birth of a child coughing, sneezing involuntary leakage of urine, at that time the amount is very small, basically does not affect the normal life, after the birth of the second child, it is more serious, walking, climbing stairs will appear leakage of urine symptoms.Now I go out with pads all the year round, and I walk very carefully. I dare not run or jump. I dare not even take part in all kinds of parents’ activities at school, and I generally do not take part in group construction activities organized by the company.Often smell bad?Always want to find the bathroom when you go shopping?When you laugh or cough, you can’t help spilling your urine?Unsatisfying post-natal sex life and even breaking up your family as a result?…Urinary incontinence became an unspoken secret among women.According to statistics, the prevalence of urinary incontinence in Women in Europe and the United States is about 8.0%-41.2%, in Japan it is 8.5%-40.6%, and the prevalence of urinary incontinence in women in China is about 30%-50%.However, due to lack of cognition, conservative thinking, including women themselves are avoiding this topic, in fact, women in postpartum uterine bladder prolapse, urinary incontinence, sexual dysfunction and other pelvic floor dysfunction problems are relatively common.A woman’s pelvic floor is a self-regulating “hammock” that relies on changes in the environment to adjust its tension, which can collapse under the influence of pregnancy, childbirth and a drop in oestrogen.As we have learned, female pelvic floor discipline as an emerging branch of obstetrics and gynecology, the public and even the medical community have certain cognitive deficiency.Now more and more hospitals also begin to pay attention to the construction of pelvic floor discipline and technological innovation.Wuhan True Love Maternity Hospital has approved three private pelvic floor patent technologies, including two practical patents and one invention patent, including devices and treatment systems suitable for a variety of reproductive plastic surgery and pelvic floor functional disorders disease detection and treatment.Wang Yijie, director of center of pelvic floor medicine of wuhan true love maternity hospital, pelvic floor function obstacle prevention is greater than cure, begin from census, begin screening from young healthy crowd physical examination, let female compatriots know pelvic floor function as early as possible through physical examination, pelvic floor health care of institute;Patients with pelvic floor dysfunction tendencies such as muscle relaxation and pain should be guided and treated in time to prevent them from developing into severe disorders requiring surgery.Now the examination means and instruments are more and more abundant: pelvic floor rehabilitation instrument, urine dynamic detector, and pelvic floor ultrasound.Huang Ming, president of the Hubei Baby Industry Association, said family problems caused by pregnancy and childbirth have attracted more attention in recent years.Studies have found that women’s pregnancy and childbirth is the most direct cause of pelvic floor dysfunction.This public welfare general survey of female pelvic floor dysfunction diseases will promote the development of pelvic floor dysfunction prevention and treatment projects in the region.It is also a measure to care for women’s health, create a good environment for childbirth, improve the level of postpartum rehabilitation, promote family harmony and implement the birth policy in response to the program for women and children of the Regular Session of The State Council.It is reported that the public welfare project provides free pelvic floor function screening, 1,000 treatment places and 10 surgical assistance places for women.Women who have been through pregnancy, childbirth or sex, who have a painful experience of urine leakage or are suffering from urinary incontinence, and who have sexual dysfunction or affected family life can sign up.Registration hotline :027 — 87189999.(Correspondent Zhu Lingyu)