Eight people are being investigated!Ximeng police unified rectification of drunk driving illegal behavior

2022-05-09 0 By

In order to maintain a steady road traffic safety situation during the Spring Festival travel rush, the Spring Festival holiday and the Winter Olympic Games, the Traffic control Brigade of Zhenglan Banner public Security Bureau carried out a special night inspection of drunk driving in the banner from February 8 to 10 to ensure a stable road traffic safety situation.In the rectification process, the Traffic control Brigade of Zhenglan Banner Public Security Bureau accurately studied and determined the frequent time and area of drunk driving, adopted the wrong duty mode for rectification, organized the police to set up temporary duty stations in the sections where restaurants are concentrated in the town and the main intersections entering and leaving the town, carried out precise rectification with all efforts, and formed a high-pressure situation of strict investigation, strict control and strict punishment.From February 8 to 10, more than 30 cases of various traffic violations were investigated and dealt with, including 7 cases of drunk driving and 1 case without a license.The Annual Spring Festival is the peak time for dinner parties, drunk driving and drunk police incidents also rise.Traffic police remind: drink right amount, don’t drive after drinking, I hope the driver friends don’t take any chances.Ximeng traffic police will always maintain high pressure on the investigation of drunk driving will not relax, “zero tolerance” to drunk driving, drunk driving traffic violations, found together, investigated together.(Source: Traffic Control Detachment of Xilin Gol League Public Security Bureau)