Important reminder!Travel tips for heavy snow this weekend look here

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According to the meteorological department forecast, Beijing will have a strong snowfall, strong cooling weather this weekend, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, coupled with multiple factors to return to Beijing peak traffic, expressways, urban ring roads, connecting lines and some bridge nodes are more prominent traffic pressure, increased traffic safety risks.On December 12, Beijing traffic police issued a “nanny style” guidance on how to properly operate vehicles during snowy trips.Police remind: snow driving air conditioning, lamp tube, gear the correct use of Beijing Meteorological Station 12 9: today overcast sporadic light snow or light snow to overcast, east wind two and three, the highest temperature 1℃;Night overcast to light snow, east wind one or two, the lowest temperature -3 ℃.There will be snowfall and cooling weather from December 12 to 13. During the snowfall, visibility will be low, and the road will be slippery with obvious snow and ice, which will adversely affect the traffic.Traffic control department tips, please pay attention to the weather changes and traffic information issued by traffic control department, reasonable planning of travel mode and route.If there is a strong snow weather, try to reduce travel, safe travel, off-peak travel, green travel, especially “novice” drivers try to avoid driving travel.When driving on ice and snow roads, we should keep in mind that “speed down, distance control, bright tail”. In case of temporary control of expressway due to snow or vehicle queuing and slow moving, we should obey the on-site command of the traffic police.Keep good vision while driving in snow Keep the front windshield and rearview mirror clear and clean.When the window fogs, the air conditioner can blow the front windshield to remove fog. Keep a distance to control the speed.At the same time, the general snow day visibility is low, should pay attention to the correct use of lights: one is to open fog lights, close lights, to help the driver look ahead, so that the driver can see the situation in front of some clear;The second is to turn on the enlightenment lamp and front and rear position lamp, indicating the existence of their own vehicles, so that the vehicles running before and after can see their specific position and traffic conditions, convenient for them to take corresponding measures.Snow and ice road on the best not to overtake, keep a uniform speed.Driving, it is not necessary to reduce the change of lane as far as possible, to prevent the road slippery snow, vehicle loss of control occurred scratches accident.In case of the situation, decelerate in advance, avoid slamming on the brakes so as not to cause the vehicle in an extremely unstable state, there may be the danger of vehicle sideslip or even overturn.Vehicle start, turn, downhill to slow, snow weather increased the mountain road and urban bridge area ramp driving difficulty, downhill to low grade smooth through, driving manual gear vehicles should not change gear, uphill flameout, downhill absolutely prohibited neutral sliding.Hosting the games are several events over the weekend Congestion at the same time, Beijing traffic police remind carefully, on February 12th, the games are more game will be on at the national swimming center in the morning, afternoon in the national stadium, wukesong sports center, national swimming center, national oval, night in the capital stadium, national swimming center, the national center for snowmobiles sled, national stadium, wukesong sports centre.At that time, temporary traffic management measures will be timely adopted on surrounding roads, and the Special Olympic lanes will be frequently used. The traffic pressure is prominent on the east, north third and fourth ring roads, north fifth Ring Road from Olin West Bridge to Jianting Bridge, west ring of north second Ring Road, west Zhimen Outer Street, Beijing-Tibet Expressway and Beijing-Li Expressway.Afternoon to evening periods will be more pronounced.On February 13th, the games events are still relatively dense, more games will be held in the morning, in the center of the national swimming center, national snowmobiles sled, the national stadium, national center for alpine skiing in the afternoon at the national center for alpine skiing, national swimming center, the national stadium, the night in the capital stadium, national swimming center, national oval, wukesong sports center, the national stadium,Surrounding roads will temporary traffic control measures in time, the Olympic lanes will be frequently used, along, north third ring road, east 4th ring road, north, north rings olin west bridge to a two-way arrow pavilion bridge, north west outer ring direction, xizhimen street bidirectional, beijing-tibet expressway, Beijing new high-speed, Beijing ceremony such as high-speed, high-speed airport traffic pressure.Afternoon to evening periods will be more pronounced.Special clew, the current Olympic athletes training and matches are still relatively dense, orderly, to ensure the games are the smooth flow of traffic to be friends in the snowy day travel should strictly observe the regulations on the Olympic lanes to use more, comity Olympic security vehicles, as far as possible when travel to avoid venues surrounding roads, common for the winter Olympic Games create a safe, orderly, civilized traffic environment,Fully display the “warm hospitality, civilized and courteous” style of the host.By Beijing Youth Daily reporter Wang Haoxiong