Lenovo set up 300 million semiconductor company: whitewashing or prodigal son?

2022-05-09 0 By

Lenovo invested 300 million yuan to enter the semiconductor industry, the news has attracted many people’s attention.Some say they overreach themselves, while others see it as a way for Lenovo to whitewash itself. Only they can tell what purpose they are trying to divert attention in this way.Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established in Shanghai with a registered capital of up to 300 million yuan. Its business scope includes integrated circuit design and circuit sales software development software sales, hardware development, etc.Some netizens found that the company is 100% controlled by Lenovo and its business scope includes the semiconductor field.Although Lenovo is a big player in PC products, it doesn’t have its own chip technology, which is crucial to PC products.The M1 chip developed by Apple gave them a global boost.Although Lenovo is a super IP, they want to develop high-performance CPU may take a long time to succeed.Liu Chuanzhi once responded to the camera when people questioned, why they do not enter the high-tech collar?This one liu teachs plausible words, the money in the pocket is afraid to cast in, has not turned over a spray to disappear without a trace.To know that at the beginning of Lenovo but many stars, countless investment is to help Lenovo to the international line, to create a pure domestic IP, how can there be no money to invest?Lenovo has foreign executives, but it is still a Chinese company, with foreign capital involved.The emergence of Liu Chuanzhi magnified the problem.Now lenovo’s reputation not just fall, even Mr Liu’s legendary life also questioned, is known as the legendary leader of his foreign claimed that he was carrying two hundred thousand self-made man, can dig just know he is not carrying two hundred thousand, also is not starting from scratch, relying instead on the Chinese Academy of Sciences this big tree, holding them to startup capital, and then recruiting research and development,Relying on the scientific research brain of Ni Guangnan to associate the real achievement, Liu Chuanzhi is at best only a salesman, a higher status salesman.Sima nan revealed that Lenovo abused state-owned land, the Chinese Academy of Sciences allocated to them 80,000 full screen land used to build commercial buildings, and to sell office buildings for lease.This was supposed to allow Lenovo to set up a research and development center, but it became someone’s personal enrichment tool.We can think, at the time of gold, a piece of land 80,000 square meters of land to create income is how terrible, Liu Chuanzhi is indeed a set of financial, can put on the coat of Lenovo to do so many means, and so many years to appear, is indeed a certain means.As the backbone of national science and technology at that time, Lenovo bore the painstaking efforts of too many researchers and the hopes of countless people.But Liu Chuanzhi has tried every means to exclude Ni Guangnan, a scientific academician kicked out of lenovo Group, hindered the development of national integrated circuit.A state-owned enterprise inexplicably became a private enterprise, and also undertook a series of SAO operation.Lenovo’s Yang Yuanqing has repeatedly said that Lenovo is a global company.However, although Lenovo’s turnover has been increasing year after year, its net interest rate is very low, mainly because Lenovo does not have its own technology.As an assembly company, most of the profits from its products are taken by Chinese and foreign merchants, so Lenovo wants to develop its own core technologies.From the former industry giant to now everyone called a listed failure enterprise, has experienced decades of ups and downs, did not expect because of the IPO version of the one-day tour event was pushed into the air, has become the object of criticism.After such a long time of questioning, there is no result, and many people have lost their patience. After all, Huawei is a positive textbook on the surface. By contrast, the lenovo that hates iron cannot become steel really makes people angry.Start than huawei company early say, at the beginning give their resources are very rich, but hung out in 30 years later, in addition to the more skilled assembly technique, any has not developed the core technology, contribution to the country’s science and technology is almost zero, that is all doubt lenovo net friend most will not tolerate a factor.Now that they want to start a technology company and get into semiconductors, what did they do in the early years?Ren zhengfei said that the biggest problem in the development of enterprises is that they are not aware of the existence of problems.It is not impossible for Lenovo to want to clear its name.The first thing is to give a positive response to everyone, and then focus on technology research and development, as well as the field of science and technology research, only in this way can return to the original heart, live up to their identity as a technology company.