Lianyirong won the bidding of China Mobile Supply chain Fintech project

2022-05-09 0 By

On January 18, 2022, according to the procurement and bidding website of China Mobile Group, Lianyirong won the bid for the 2021 industry chain financial business platform RESEARCH and development project of China Mobile Communications Group Finance Co., LTD.Lianyirong will use its scientific and technological capabilities to work with China Mobile Group to build a financial platform for the industrial chain and promote the high-quality development of the industrial chain.IT is reported that the platform will be deployed in China Mobile IT cloud, through the integration of the whole network data resources, and based on big data, artificial intelligence and other technical capabilities to build customer portrait, rating and credit, product pricing, intelligent risk control model, for the upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain and cooperative banks and other institutions to provide services.Procurement and bidding (image: China mobile network) public information, China mobile group as the largest global network and customers, leading profitability, market value and the top world-class telecommunications operators, its all in mainland China 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government and the Hong Kong special administrative region shall provide all business communications services, business covers mobile voice and data,Wired broadband, and other information and communication services.In 2020, China Mobile Group was once again listed on Forbes’ list of the world’s 2,000 Leading Companies and included in The Fortune Global 500 by Fortune magazine.With the in-depth application of artificial intelligence, blockchain and other emerging technologies, many enterprises are actively exploring new models of intelligent and digital development, deploying fintech and creating a new pattern of development.Among them, supply chain finance can precisely pour the upstream and downstream of the industry through emerging technologies to accelerate the integration of industry and finance and the digital transformation of enterprises.As the largest communication service provider in Mainland China, China Mobile Group serves a large number of customers and various businesses.In the face of fierce market competition, the research and development of industry chain financial platform has become an important strategy for China Mobile Group to further enhance its competitive advantage and highlight the encirclement.Relying on the core position of the group in the industrial chain, China Mobile’s industrial chain financial business takes the real trade background as the premise, and designs standardized and personalized financial services for each link of the industrial chain to provide “full coverage”, “one-stop” and “low-cost” financial service products for chain affiliated enterprises.As a leading supply chain fintech solution provider in China, Lianyirong focuses on the application of advanced technology in supply chain ecology.The company has rich experience in supply chain finance platform to build and develop, has 560 large and core enterprises and more than 260 financial institutions reached cooperation, has a wealth of large core enterprise supply chain financing platform to build and development experience, continuous digital transformation, promote ecological supply chain links to the real economy and financial services supply chain.In this cooperation, Lianyirong won the bid for the project by virtue of its technical strength, professional service level and project implementation and application experience in supply chain.