Luxi Police invites you to register “Luxi Jinzhong Jar” to wear “iron cloth shirt” for your money bag

2022-05-09 0 By

For efforts to curb high rates of telecom network fraud cases, people enhance the jurisdiction of telecommunications networks to prevent fraud awareness and property safety to protect jurisdiction, masses, luxi county public security bureau to the security as the main line, the party’s 20 based on jurisdiction practice, innovation publicity channels, since January, in-depth districts to promote “luxi compression” fraud warning against electricity small programs,Strive to contain telecom fraud in the bud, to achieve “everyone knows fraud, people against fraud, everyone against fraud” work goals, and actively create a good atmosphere of the whole police against fraud, the whole people against fraud.The Party committee attaches great importance to, has a clear goal, and ramps responsibility accurately.In order to ensure “luxi compression” anti cheat small program promotion work, landing luxi county public security bureau party committee attaches great importance to, proceed with the deployment conference many times and progress report meeting, real-time grasp the promotion of enrollment and effect feedback, request all necessary to unify the thought and action of police, set up the “full coverage, propaganda full perspective” to prevent the work idea,We will move forward in all aspects of our work to comprehensively improve the people’s ability to prevent and detect fraud.At the same time, the “luxi county bureau of compression” small program registration assessment indicator, strengthen supervision, the supervision catch on, centralized collection in the promotion of registration, the difficulties and problems of timely feedback, rapidly solve the rectification, ensure “luxi compression” fraud small program to promote the registered working go deep to obtain actual effect.Multi-linkage, full police participation, set off a publicity upsurge.Based on the actual situation of the jurisdiction, the police of each police station made full use of the binding working mode of “grid + police grid” (i.e., 1 grid member +2 public security civilian auxiliary police), and at the same time, the police of all departments were selected to launch the global civilian auxiliary police, and carried out the small program of “Luxi Jinzhong Hood”, which covered all villages and households, and carried out the dragnet promotion and registration.And “luxi compression” anti cheat small program registration and usage in detail, hold the registration, help the masses to establish “personal compression”, bring family members into guardian family function, and work to popularize the common masses of telecom fraud means, characteristics, form and hazard, how to identify, prevent and telecom fraud after the treatment,Further build a solid anti-fraud security line, maintain the stability of the area of social security.Village into the household propaganda in a timely manner early warning, early effect, keep the people’s “money bag” up to now, through the early warning timely dissuade more than 200 people, the masses anti-fraud awareness significantly improved, the national anti-fraud atmosphere thick, to build the police and the people jointly anti-fraud barriers laid a solid foundation.Next, The Public Security Bureau of Luxi County will further innovate the working mechanism, continue to promote the promotion and registration of “Luxi Golden Bell Cover” anti-fraud mini program, achieve full coverage and universal registration, create a protection “barrier” to prevent telecom fraud for the jurisdiction, and protect the “money bag” of the residents of the jurisdiction.Police prompt the masses online registration “luxi compression” small programs, whether can be automatically prompted calls for fraud phone, and early warning information in a timely manner through the background to push community police, the fraud check before the mass property losses, hope jurisdiction crowd positive response, fully registered “luxi admiralty cover” small programs, to their own “purse” on the lock.