Pro-american end!Nearly 10, 000 Afghan refugees serving with the U.S. military were abandoned in the United Arab Emirates

2022-05-09 0 By

According to CCTV news, a large number of Afghans in the UAE, most of whom worked for the US army and the former government of Ashraf Ghani during the time when the US troops were stationed in Afghanistan, have become restless due to the lack of response from the US authorities.Carrying the Afghan flag and the STARS and Stripes, they have been protesting day after day in front of the United States embassy in the UAE.At the height of the protest, thousands of people gathered, to no avail.According to us officials, “the vast majority of them will be rejected”.The biden administration’s message could not be more clear: as Afghans, they should stand on their own feet, not pass all the blame on to the United States.However, in the face of these afghans who have served the United States, the US government simply leaves them alone and runs away, which is undoubtedly an overdraft and damage to its international credibility.There are at least three things we can draw from this: 1. Cooperating with the US is like dancing with wolves, and the US has many tools to throw its partners away completely.2. Some Afghans are brainwashed by the idea of “Western-style democracy and freedom” and do many things to betray the country.3. Although the United States has withdrawn from Afghanistan, its influence is still there, and Afghanistan will still have to deal with it for some time to come.Now that the United States is refusing to accept Afghan refugees, will afghans in the UNITED Arab Emirates consider returning home?This is easy to say, but hard to do.According to the Afghan Taliban in the past, they may be investigating and liquidating some Afghan civilians who have deep cooperation with the U.S. military.As for how to “liquidate”, I’m afraid no one can say.In this sense, the people who stayed in the UAE had no way out, no way back…At present, the UNITED Arab Emirates, as a mediator, began to mediate the differences between these Afghan “refugees” and the US government, hoping to find a solution acceptable to both sides in the shortest possible time.For example, asking Atta to pardon certain people;Or demand that the United States honor its promise to give green cards to some “meritorious persons”;They can’t afford to give them part of their travel expenses, so they can find a new way out.It is not hard to see how the same refugee problem that has plagued Europe is now playing out in the Middle East, with the same pattern and formula: the US creates war refugees there and then runs away, leaving the refugee problem to its Allies.From August last year to February this year, nearly 10,000 Afghan refugees have been stranded in the UNITED Arab Emirates.As time goes by, their patience will gradually run out, which will only bring more and more troubles and hidden dangers to the UAE…For many people who believe that “the moon is rounder abroad than at home”, or even want to get a GREEN card from the United States, how do they feel when they see the us government acting so irresponsibly