Public security organs across the country are taking multiple measures to protect the safety of the Spring Festival

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The Ministry of Public Security held an online press conference on Monday with the theme of “protecting family reunion during the Spring Festival and the Winter Olympics”, reporting the effectiveness of the work of security, epidemic prevention and control and stability maintenance achieved by the Party Committee of the Ministry of Public Security.Learned, the lunar New Year holiday, the national social stability and public order is good, more than 10000 A level above the key scenic spots orderly, 186 large activities smoothly, the national trunk road traffic order, not notified of road traffic accident death more than five people at A time, A number of road traffic accident death more than 3 people fell 44% year on year.Local public security organs have intensified their crackdown on serious crimes and effectively strengthened law enforcement deterrence in light of the characteristics of the festival.During the Spring Festival, for telecom and network fraud and cross-border gambling crimes, comprehensive analysis, research and judgment, seize the case to crack down on special supervision and source prevention propaganda, curb the high incidence of telecom and network fraud crime, firmly guard the “money bag” of the people.Focusing on illegal and criminal acts in the fields of robbery, robbery, fraud, pornography, gambling, drug abuse, and food and drug trafficking, we will highlight key areas of crackdown and rectification, organize concentrated crackdown and rectification operations in light of local conditions, and earnestly maintain good public order during the festival.The “Yangtze River Fishing Ban Action” and the crackdown on illegal sand mining have been carried out. The public security organs along the Yangtze River and along the Yangtze River have carried out regional special attacks on key waters, key locations and key time points, to improve combat effectiveness and build a full-link, all-factor and full-chain attack mode.In view of all kinds of large-scale activities are held during the Spring Festival, the safety pressure big, around the public security organ shall adhere to the strict examination and approval theatrical performances, sports competitions, exhibition activities, strictly implement the fireworks storage, transportation, setting off various security measures, strengthening social patrol guard, see alarm rate, the charge rate, and improve the comprehensive start armed patrol police armed police logistic service,The “one -, three – and five-minute” rapid response mechanism was strictly implemented, involving 3.64 million police officers and 23 million people.Highlight the safety of key popular tourist attractions, and urge the scenic area management units to implement the requirements of “limit, reservation and peak shifting” to ensure the smooth order of tourism.Highlight the safety of urban parks and surrounding short-distance tourism, take the combination of public security patrol and key visits and other ways to ensure good traffic order around urban parks and farmhouses.The crackdown on travel-related crimes was highlighted, travel-related cases were quickly and reliably handled, travel-related disputes were promptly and reliably handled, and good public order was effectively maintained.For parts of road traffic flow concentration during the festival, and has the cool rain and snow weather situation, the Ministry of Public Security deployed around the start the high grade service, strengthen the source hidden risk, strengthen the road law enforcement controls, monitoring the key traffic violations, strengthen traffic emergency management under the bad weather, and strengthen traffic safety tips,To ensure the overall smooth, orderly, safe and smooth road traffic.Railway, civil aviation, port and shipping public security organs pay close attention to the implementation of various safety management and prevention measures, adhere to the explicit use of police, police on the street, three-dimensional prevention and control, time segments to launch high-level security work and other working mechanisms, comprehensively strengthen the overall prevention and control of the jurisdiction, strict supervision of security inspection, strict internal safety supervision, strict prevention and control measures.Patrol, prevention, control and order maintenance will be carried out in key areas and crowded places such as railway stations, airport traffic arteries, entrances and exits of terminals, to ensure the safety of passengers during holidays.Public security organs across the country have been working hard to prevent and control the epidemic, strictly implementing epidemic prevention and control measures, and fully cooperating with health departments in tracking down the source of the epidemic.Immigration authorities fully implemented the requirements of the joint prevention and control mechanism on epidemic prevention and control, actively assisted customs and health authorities in strengthening border inspection and control at ports, strictly preventing imported cases, and consolidating the achievements of epidemic prevention and control.Local public security organs in Beijing, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Henan, Zhejiang and other provinces and cities where small-scale clusters of epidemic cases have recently occurred have conducted continuous operations to strengthen emergency response, plug loopholes and remove weak links to the maximum extent, and consolidate the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control.During the Spring Festival, the national public security police auxiliary officers worked intrepently and selflessly, braving wind and snow and the cold, and protected the people’s safety and family reunion with sacrifice and sacrifice, which left a lot of warmth and touching to the people.Jia Changquan, a police officer in Weihai City, Shandong Province, died of sudden cardiac death on February 1 at the age of 40.On February 4, qiao Liang, 54, a first-grade police chief of the Community police team in Ruijing Police Station of Beicchen Branch of Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau, died of a heart attack while working overtime to prevent and control the epidemic.