“Rocket” shout “challenge” Robertson!O ‘Sullivan: Let’s fight it out

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World Number two Ronnie O ‘Sullivan said after his 6-3 win over Donald Trump that people should drop his “Rocket” moniker and they should call him “tinker” because he spends most of his time tinkering.Whether it is technical movements or overall performance, O ‘Sullivan’s current form is difficult to satisfy the talent of the world.He didn’t even think he had the skill level of the likes of Higgins and Ding Junhui, so even though he beat Trump 6-3, he wasn’t happy with himself.O ‘Sullivan: People should call me tinker Although he was outstanding in the early hours of this morning, O ‘Sullivan felt he was not the rocket he used to be, he felt more like a tinker.”I tinker a lot in my game, so I think they should change my nickname from Rocket to Tinker,” O ‘Sullivan said.Because I can’t help but adjust, and I have to.I’m not changing my technique, I’m just looking for something that fits and feels comfortable for me.I certainly have the ability to change, but I have to admit THAT I don’t have the skills of the great players, like Higgins and Ding Junhui.”O ‘Sullivan: There are some flaws in my ability O ‘Sullivan put in an excellent performance against Donald Trump, but he believes there are still some flaws in his ability.”I don’t have great skills like Neil Robertson, John Higgins, Donald Trump and Ding Junhui,” O ‘Sullivan said. “I have to search in my head and find the right technique and do what you have to do.Objectively speaking, there are still some mistakes and defects in my ability.As you get older, you do rule out inattention.When I get into that situation, I try to compensate for that in other areas, so hopefully I come out stronger in other areas, and that just offsets the loss of concentration that might occur.”O ‘Sullivan: An easy fight against Robertson Although O ‘Sullivan still feels that his ability is lacking, it did not affect the six-time world champion.O ‘Sullivan had one of his best performances of the season against Donald Trump.And now, O ‘Sullivan has been looking forward to the matchup with Robertson.O ‘Sullivan said: “My next opponent is Neil Robertson, we have played each other so many times, we are so familiar.So it’s definitely going to be a very easy match because I know what level he’s at, and if I’m a little bit off, it’s going to be a one-sided match.This is the reality I need to face. After all, Robertson is the most consistent and outstanding player in the world.He’s very consistent with his technique, he’s very consistent with his form, he’s very consistent with his emotions and it’s always hard to find a weakness against a player like that.But I will say that I am also in good form and it will not be easy for Robertson to beat me.If he gives me a break in the match, I can definitely beat him to advance.Because as I said, I’m always tinkering, and my performance may not be perfect, but I still find a way to win.So, Robertson, be careful. I’m ready.Let’s fight each other in the next game. I can’t wait to play this game now.”