“THESHY thor possessed”!WBG dry broken FPX, LWX armor piercing Kasha get sprayed, Clid tear eye board

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Preface: I like the description of LPL pattern of S12 spring game by some audience very much — one super many strong.On the third match day after the opening of the New Year, EDG2 beat us 0-0 to remain unbeaten and lead the top, followed by RNG, LNG, WBG, BLG and other strong teams that had been strengthened in the new season.For FPX, after Doinb, Liu Qingsong, Niu Bao and Xiao Tian left the team one after another, the players in each position were not even “equal-replacement”;Amazingly, they were resilient under Lwx.That night, they came face to face with Theshy’s S10 runner-up team, but life was full of surprises, and so was the competition.Frown, lava monster!The first bureau BP is quite abstract, in Carry type single hero gradually become the mainstream of the present, Theshy a wave of retro stone headman dream back to S6;And the next way in the continuation of the late group war thinking, respectively selected Jinke silk, male.The stone headman must go to jail in the early stage, and the tiger jess kills in just 6 minutes, but Theshy gets his revenge just 1 minute later;The turning point came in the 32nd minute when WBG took the dragon spirit;34 minutes of Theshy middle 1 hit 4 to become famous, 35 minutes of WBG complete a run.Theshy completed the contrast from the basement to the ceiling. Can you believe that there is a player with the front foot of the stone and the back foot of Lucian?FPX tiger is not used to it, Jess long hand hit long hand is done.Early sofM likes to catch, Clid a wave of anti-squatting WBG announced in 3 minutes on the road sent;In the middle stage, both sides developed steadily, and the turning point occurred in 18 minutes, when Zhao Xinna of Clid called the god of Heaven to descend to earth, and a wave of small dragons played 0 for 3 and WBG was no longer able to resist.The decider Theshy dare not neglect, Kenan days thunder dream back S8, S9.As it turns out, Theshy is still the man who excels at the Wonders.In the early stage, the three roads developed smoothly, the first dragon and pioneer were fed by FPX, but the 19-minute WBG middle road changed from 1 to 3 to recover the early disadvantage.The turning point occurred in 26 minutes, the pale and thin Theshy a wave of thunder to establish the team battle advantage;For 32 minutes, then 40 minutes, Kennan went on to win the MVP for the 3-3-10 team.LWX armor piercing Kasha gets sprayed, Clid tears, FPX still needs to improve and focus on FPX. Gori’s line ability, which is often criticized, is still pulling at the hip, but his mind is still clear in the later stage.The tiger’s comprehensive performance is as good as Theshy’s, just a little bit less spirituality;And Clid left LCK after the sword is not old, study LPL style he is really in line, 3 the early game all the advantages, there is no rhythm drop point in the middle, the audience call “Clid tears eye board”, but not the wild nuclear version.It is worth mentioning that the Lwx reverse version of Kasha in the decider made fans question her.In the current version, Kasha is not a popular Pick, ranking T2 on OPGG, and the mainstream costume is Tornado + Collector + attack speed critical strike. However, Lwx chooses the rare Screen blade + Collector + Blue knife armorer Liu-Kasha. Passerby is very popular, but the game is fast-paced and every cent must be spent on the blade.Q can only evolve the skills of Kasha in the late completely unable to bear the output task, this wave is the master of the whole live failure?Who can resist Theshy like James Luther king, Golem Bear, Kennan Scissors Sister?Theshy is no longer a perfect single player in every sense of the word, but his thinking and style of play still influence millions of single players.Theshy and Sofm manuals are hard to find for WBG, but they mark the highest limit of all LPL;On the other hand, they have Lwx and Clid, two veterans of the new team, who let them hold the bottom line of phoenix, but hope to continue to run in the rest of the schedule.Finally, who do you think is the best bo3 player of the tournament?How did THESHY do?Leave a discussion in the comments section!