The Chinese women’s football team used to be short of money, but now it is short of young women who love to play

2022-05-09 0 By

The Chinese women’s football team used to be very short of money, but now what they lack most is young women players who like playing football!Since private enterprises invest 100 million yuan every year, women’s soccer is no longer short of money.Of course, the mechanism of continuous investment still needs official solution, such as coordinating more enterprises to form professional alliances.The next step, of course, is to attract more teenagers into professional football.It is the consensus of all insiders that there are enough young players to choose from. It is only in line with the professional rules of football that more promising youngsters are selected to join the professional echelon and these children receive more professional training and competition.Just piling up gold is not the truest rule of football.Gossens said it from the bottom of his mind when he turned down Newcastle’s offer to join Inter, saying Newcastle’s salary was several times that of Inter, but it did not bring happiness to his career.The gold, which can only bring temporary victory and strength, cannot fundamentally change the law of football itself.Without a continuous explosion of youth talent, everything will gradually calm down. We must make football a fitness and professional sport that both men and women, old and young, can truly develop the sport.Beyond that, there are no shortcuts.