Visit the Dragon Palace fairyland and enjoy the wonders of ice and snow in the south

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The dragon Palace Fairyland cave has a vast space, with four seasons of spring, dense rocks, active water drops and winding paths leading to you. It integrates the advantages of various karst caves into one, forming a beautiful spectacle of ice and snow in southern China, which is spectacular.Outside the small bridge running water, lush vegetation, fresh air, beautiful scenery, a beautiful pastoral scenery, very suitable for family fun or companion to play.The Dragon Palace Fairyland scenic spot is located in Daxin County, Guangxi province, close to the county seat and only about two hours’ drive from Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Province. It stands on the same side with the famous Detian Waterfall and shares the same tourism belt. Therefore, many tourists choose to combine the two scenic spots into one and visit them together.Personally, dragon palace wonderland is the biggest bright spot with super beautiful natural cave and the typical karst landform, especially all kinds of strange stalactites, such as the nature of inspiration, jinlong paint amazing hospitality and anchored, and the orb draperies and giant jade chopstick depict lifelike, tourist place oneself among them, all praised the creations of nature.As far as I know, the opening time of the scenic spot is from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. According to the unique climate conditions, the ticket price is reduced from 120 yuan to 80 yuan, but as the peak season is approaching, the price should be adjusted.Dragon temple scenic wonderland, according to the structure of body piercing, planning out the seven large area for visitors to visit, after the visitors into the front desk, can be the first to visit the dragon palace treasures and jinlong welcome hall hall, these two areas fully shows the majestic natural and cultural, beautiful, stunning, after to dragonmother about this bedroom and the ancient habitation site, through the ancient culture of hundreds of millions of years ago.Personal feeling, came to the Dragon Palace fairyland, the most need to adjust their own imagination and unique perspective, three points to see the entity, seven points to see the imagination, only give full play to your endless imagination, anthropomorphic scenery will be perfect.The stalactites in the caves are of different shapes. Perhaps inadvertently, you will find a squatting frog prince, or a hanging sword of the Green Dragon, and an amazing magic needle to calm the sea. You can even find the footprints of rural scenery, even the pagoda is also so the image.Dragon palace wonderland’s most impressive is that inside the hole there was a piece of image lifelike stalactites, a huge dragon dish lie in the center, is spectacular, lifelike, is like a day open picture scroll, magic and vividly present in front of your eyes, eye-opening, make the person can’t help exclamation nature is omnipotent designer, worked guifushengong created this unique beauty,Perhaps that’s how the Dragon Palace Wonderland got its name.In addition, with the help of the original landscape and natural resources of natural karst caves, the scenic spot has created a very spectacular ice and snow spectacle and ice and snow play projects, which further enriches the business environment here and greatly improves the pleasure of tourists.It is said that in the future planning, the scenic area will also make use of the rich water resources here to create a beautiful riverwalk, and rafting as the main means of transportation, throughout the whole, then must visit again.