What equipment do women in marriage need to better protect themselves

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It is said that marriage is a woman’s second “reincarnation”.Marry a good cure for the rest of life, marry a bad bitter life.Although the social environment has become more open to singleness, most women still get married, depending on their fate.A good partner treats you like a pet daughter, a bad partner treats you like an old maid, and some are rational.Recently, I had A chat with my friends, and I began to talk about some people’s marital status: Friend A has been out of touch for A long time. It turned out that her husband owed A lot of debt from gambling and sold his house and car.Now she is living in a rented house with her in-laws. To her surprise, she signed a lot of debts, because she is a government unit with good credit and easy to borrow, so she borrowed a lot of money. Although her parents came to her house to make a scene after knowing this, she could not help because her family of origin is not rich.She later found out that her husband had been lying to her, that he had gambled away the money he had invested and had beaten her.She wants to divorce and walk away, but she has so many debts and a daughter to support. The child is not in school yet, so she is still holding on.In fact, people who know her quite like her, lovely simple, a good girl.I didn’t expect to be so miserable after only a few years of marriage.Friend B has two children, two daughters, want to be very happy.I don’t want my husband to break off with his mother-in-law early, but also because of the money, she is said to have borrowed a lot of money.Originally, her mother was not too satisfied with her husband, because she had a stable job and a good income, while her husband opened a small repair shop on his own, the conditions at home are also general.Don’t want her mother to know after marriage, the original wedding banquet money is all her daughter out, even the wedding room decoration money, her mother-in-law one-time endowment insurance money and later opened a factory to operate funds are her out.She kept it a secret from her mother, but her husband ran out of money to find a way to find out from her mother because he had to buy a house and get a new loan.Originally, if her husband had a better attitude, in fact, her mother would not have said anything, after all, they were pregnant with their second child, but in the middle of the quarrel, her husband said he wanted a divorce, which made her mother angry and directly asked her to have an abortion.But she loves her husband and doesn’t listen to her mother.Now, she has two daughters, but her husband is not taking care of her, ah..Friend C just two days ago and husband big quarrel, the reason is husband and primary school classmate make ambiguous be discovered, economy never hand in money to her wife, always with “I don’t have much money again” come prevaricate.And I changed the password on my phone.In fact, we all thought the man had no conscience.When they got married, she was working in a public institution, while he was doing odd jobs here and there, his income was not stable, and his family conditions were not so good.She told we fall in love when he doesn’t spend, it is just getting married, know of what he had no money to buy themselves, later there was a time when he said to take an examination of civil servants will concentrate on learning at home for reference, up to that time is her home, big and small spending, they had already had a son, also is the time to spend money, he a respectively.Fortunately, he was admitted to the organization, thinking that she did not pay in vain, after both of them in the system, life will be better and better.However, she worked for several years without paying him any money, but later she was angry with her son’s education investment let him out.In fact, we can’t understand, he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, seldom socials and has no bad habits, she said she has no foreign debt, why she refused to pay his wife, don’t trust her?Afraid she’ll spend it?So, after checking out the situation of his romantic object and then having a showdown with him, she picked up the pieces and drove off alone in his family’s only car (because it was the car she bought before marriage).Her husband begged her to come back after three days of running out of options because he had to take his children to school every day and it was inconvenient for him to work without a car, so he gave in.Oh ~ rarely get together with friends to chat about marriage gossip, really feeling a lot.You tell me how a woman can be happy in her marriage.I used to hear the old man say to his son that he should look for a gentle and kind-hearted wife. Yes, he is easy to bully.Suddenly I agree with an article I saw on Zhihu called “selfish woman has the best life”.A woman should be kind and gentle, but also wise and brave, not blind.Love is ok, but never love brain.Marriage we are to keep their own bottom line, not blindly compromise injustice, if you feel unhappy, you reflect and look at their marriage.The other person may not love you, but you must love yourself.Respect is both sides, although love can only be you a person’s matter, but be loved marriage is happy.What era, divorced, single can still live very well.It is not just that “a man is a teenager until he dies”. We women also have a little girl in our hearts forever. We can also live as a “little princess” all the time.