County bureau of agriculture and rural areas to prevent freezing weather rain and snow

2022-05-10 0 By

Recently, the continuous low temperature rain and snow freezing weather, the county crop disaster area of 44,650 mu.County bureau of Agriculture and Rural affairs held a special meeting at the first time, set up six professional technical guidance groups, research and deployment of defense rain and snow freezing weather work.At the same time, the bureau organized personnel package contact villages and towns, leading agricultural technical personnel in-depth field, guide the masses to strengthen defensive measures, actively respond to low temperature rain and snow freezing weather, efforts to reduce the impact of low temperature freezing damage to crops.In addition, the bureau also compiled and printed the current crop cold and freezing technical measures, citrus and other fruits, honeysuckle cold and freezing measures, 3,000 copies, distributed to villages, enterprises and large growers.First instance: Fan Qin second instance: Zhu Zhijun final instance: Ye Bin