Cousin’s ex-wife changes girlfriend, love on close cousin sister-in-law when see parents super embarrassed, make a person more curious!

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A man named Long Taro has a good relationship with his cousin since childhood. When he grew up, he was often in contact with his cousin. When he got married, he was moved to tears, but after many years, he turned around and became his cousin’s boyfriend!What on earth is going on?A popular Japanese show searches the streets at random for interviewees and, with permission, films them in their homes, often unearthing some touching or surprising stories.This time the interviewees are a married woman Shima and good friend Aya, the program group with Shima home, on the way to visit Aya’s boyfriend Dragon Taro appeared, under the question to know their amazing relationship.Aya, who had her first child when she was 18, is now 31 and the mother of three.Her boyfriend, Ryotaro, also 31, has been dating for several years.When asked how they met, Ryutaro looked embarrassed before bravely saying, “It’s a bit complicated. She’s my cousin’s ex-wife,” which surprised everyone.Aya couldn’t help but say “How can you even say that?”, make people more curious!The two don’t mention whether Aya was already divorced from Ryotaro’s cousin at the time of their relationship, but only that when his cousin found out about their relationship, he became furious and even more angry to disown ryotaro.Later Aya and Dragon taro after the relationship stability, they decided to meet their parents, but because dragon taro’s parents and elders know Aya was dragon Taro cousin’s wife, so the meeting was extremely awkward!However, the power of love is stronger than anything else. Although they can’t get the blessing of their family, they are now a happy family of five. The three children of his cousin have become his own children.Now they hope to get married before their little girl goes to primary school and become a real family!Some netizens thought it was too embarrassing to fall in love with relatives and wondered whether they should attend family gatherings in the future.It doesn’t matter who you choose to date. “As long as you’re not embarrassed, it’s someone else who’s embarrassed. As long as they’re happy, why bother with anyone else?