Expensive curling, raw materials can be maintained for many years, it in the end “expensive” value

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With the Recent Winter Olympics in full swing, people’s attention to the Winter Olympics has only increased.A variety of events attract people’s attention, and curling, as one of the main events of the Winter Olympics, has attracted a wide range of attention.A small curling stone is pushed by people rubbing in front of it, making the “curling stone” slide further.How much do you know about curling?How much is “curling” worth in your world?The value of “curling” has been reported that it can sell for 180,000 yuan, so what makes “curling” can sell for such a high price?”Curling” was first invented in Scotland. People would play on the ice every winter. After a long time, there was a game called “curling” and it still exists.In the process of the Winter Olympics, curling reflects the combination of dynamic and static soft beauty, this sport not only relies on physical strength, but also needs to add a certain amount of mental into.The raw material of “curling” is not an ordinary stone as people think.They come from the west coast of Scotland, where volcanic islands formed, so the granite has very little quartz in it.Quartz, on the other hand, is vulnerable once exposed to cooler temperatures, and the more quartz there is in a stone, the more likely it is to crack.But on the erupting islands, there is so little quartz that it could be used in the Winter Olympics.If the raw material for curling comes from volcanic islands, why is it so expensive?Actually the main or because “curling” late to finish, artificial processing requires human right from the start of production, the production of a curling down twenty process, five professional technology is very skilled workers, it takes three days to finish making a “curling”, so the cost will be very expensive.This, combined with the fact that there are only three companies in the world that make “curling”, has increased the price of “curling” several times.But there are also users said: this stone is a special granite in a special position in Europe, this monopoly, as Europeans will not say the destruction of the natural environment, synthetic materials can be completely replaced, low cost, performance is certainly not worse than stone.In addition, the market of “curling” is not very wide. It is only needed in competitions, and people have little chance to contact “curling” in daily life.So it makes sense that “curling” is expensive.(By Xiao Xiao)