Graphics card price drops sharply, is now “purchase” good opportunity?

2022-05-10 0 By

Recently, overseas market graphics card prices large-scale “diving”.Among them, the price of high-end graphics card GeForce RTX 3080 TUF Gaming OC dropped 35% in the Australian market in one day. Overnight, the price dropped from 2,299 Australian dollars (about 10,000 yuan) to 1,499 Australian dollars (about 7,000 yuan), the biggest drop in history.Other specifications of the graphics card prices in the near term, the average decline also amounted to 10.In this regard, the media came to “The first street of Chinese electronics” Shenzhen Huaqiang North interview, found that graphics card prices fell from the beginning of the year, the current price is also in two years of low.However, several store owners said the decline could continue after that.About huaqiang north graphics card price avalanche, Luge to say – first of all, why the graphics card price avalanche?We look at the price formation mechanism, the past few years, in the supply side of the chip shortage, the demand side has a lot of “mining” want to get rich dream, graphics card prices are of course rising.However, as we all know from high school social and Political studies, prices of goods and services fluctuate around the value of use.What is the use value is the sum of consumer demand urgency and consumer emotional appeal.The price is the cost of the product (material) and service plus the use value plus taxes and fees plus the industry profit appeal plus brand premium.So, if the graphics card left the “mining”, as well as consumer eagerness, can sell to the level of thousands of euros at every turn?Apparently not, which is why China, which accounts for more than 60 percent of the world’s virtual currency and virtual goods “mining” capacity, crushed the market in the second half of 2021 when it announced a ban on mining graphics cards.In fact, the real value of graphics cards is not so much mining as gaming and design, plus the satisfaction of consumer vanity.But virtual currency mining is one of the few areas that offers premium graphics cards at a time when public health events have reduced the need to move around so much that there is no place to Show off a fancy card.Of course, with the Russia-Ukraine war and sanctions imposed on Russia, virtual currency seems to have found a bottom today.Better profits from mining and a restructuring of the global supply chain have led to significant changes in the origin of graphics cards.So graphics card prices may be in the avalanche, usher in another wave of rebound, at least for Chinese graphics cards is this truth.Prices of printers, copiers and smart screens have been rising despite the sluggish consumer market since last year.Ok, Luge talk about 3C today, first stop here, if you have anything to share, or questions, welcome to leave a message in the comment area, I am focused on the big office luge.See you every day!