Is the White House scared?When China and Russia showed their “trump card”, the US claimed that Russia was a friend

2022-05-10 0 By

The United States has been worried about the growing closeness between China and Russia.In particular, Putin brought many senior leaders to Beijing to participate in the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. At the same time, he also carried out cooperation with China in more fields.It’s believed to be Putin’s first offline meeting with a Chinese leader in more than two years, further reflecting the warming and reliability of relations between the two countries.Over the years, China and Russia have made great progress in economic, technological and other fields. Now, China and Russia are directly showing the “trump Card” and strengthening cooperation in a single move, which has finally scared the White House.China and Russia have signed two cooperation documents on economic development, covering more than 20 fields including chemical industry, mechanical and electrical engineering, agriculture and forestry, according to a press conference held by China’s Ministry of Commerce on February 10, reported.It is reported that there are at least more than 200 cooperative measures and projects in the cooperation projects, injecting new impetus to the future development of China and Russia.It is understood that the two sides have further strengthened cooperation in the aerospace sector, natural gas and oil.It is fair to say that this cooperation covers many aspects and is of great benefit to the development of agricultural products, key resource projects and science and technology of the two countries, which will bring the two countries closer to the trade target of 200 billion US dollars.This meeting is of great significance to both countries and has taken our relations to a whole new level.The increasingly frequent and almost unlimited cooperation between China and Russia has worried the United States, which has also started to change its mantra: Russia is a friend.However, Antonov, a Russian expert in the United States, showed no face and asked why the United States continues to impose economic and other sanctions on Russia if Russia is really their friend.It is known to all that the United States has always regarded Russia as its biggest competitor. Any country with stronger strength will become a thorn in the side of the United States and will be constantly targeted.Russia has not fared well in recent years, especially as its economic development has been counterbalanced by the United States and European countries.In trouble, see China’s strong rise, Russia saw the rise of the dawn, choose cooperation in many aspects and China, China has a huge market and abundant labor, Russia is rich in resources, cooperation between the two is a state of economic and trade complementary instead, leading to further speed up the development of both sides.The cooperation between China and Russia is carried out with absolute trust and sincerity, which makes the two countries more and more closely connected.Putin also accepted an interview with NBC American media at the same time, which involves the topic of China, NBC reporter asked if Mr. Putin good afraid of China, China’s military power was formerly more nowadays, has 4 aircraft carrier, whether Russia, and fear, and the American media constantly shaping the Chinese threat image, putin heard after the affirmation of the friendly image of China, also expressed the relations between China and Russia,Russia has nothing to worry about.The United States has more than once tried to drive a wedge between China and Russia. In order to make Russia temporarily not to confront the United States, the United States has repeatedly sent friendly signals to Russia, trying to win over Russia to isolate China, but how failed.Russia knows better than anyone that China is the country to work with and trust, and that it is worth trusting. Unlike the United States, which is willing to sacrifice its own interests, even those of its Allies, it is easy to choose between the two.