Spring Festival does not stop work, safety does not relax, Wuhan city construction people write “dedicated blessing”

2022-05-10 0 By

As journalists Xiao-qin li correspondent Wu Jian lunar New Year holidays, all the key projects of urban construction in wuhan city actively response to the epidemic prevention and control regulations and migrant workers on the new initiative, thousands of the city builder s home from everybody, in the premise of ensure the construction safety, dozens of key projects of urban construction continued, and hit “start” in the first quarter,Contribute to the high quality development of Wuhan city construction.First, wuhan urban construction bureau held special meeting many times deployed during the Spring Festival about the work, the thorough site inspector checks, and released “on further strengthening the city urban construction bureau committee office building municipal engineering work safety in production in early late notice, shutdown project in wuhan, requirements of wuhan, area connecting the departments to compaction compaction parties of production safety responsibility,We will comprehensively prevent and defuse major risks and hidden dangers caused by low-temperature rain and snow at the end of the year and the beginning of the year. We will effectively implement risk management and control measures for housing and municipal projects to prevent wind and cooling and rain and snow weather, so as to prevent workplace safety accidents and ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.Jimo.com learned from the Wuhan Urban Construction Bureau that during the festival, the bureau organized personnel to carry out inspections on the safety and civilized construction of the city’s non-stop projects and the prevention and control of the epidemic.No production safety accidents occurred in housing and municipal projects in Wuhan, and the overall situation of production safety was stable and controllable.Staff of Wuhan Urban Construction Bureau inspected construction sites during the Spring Festival to strengthen inspection of temporary facilities and structures on construction sites and timely take reinforcement measures in view of possible freezing, rain, snow, wind and other bad weather.We will strictly implement real-name management at construction sites and implement epidemic prevention policies.Municipal and district construction and management departments continue to strengthen the inspection and inspection of the projects under their jurisdiction, timely grasp the construction site safety production dynamics, and prevent production safety accidents.As of February 4, a total of 10 unannounced investigations and 13 hidden problems have been found, and all the rectification has been urged in place.At present, the Spring Festival does not stop key projects into accelerated construction mode.East lake tunnel section, two lakes Huang Xiaohe airport river water environmental governance, rail transit line no. 19, key projects such as the former sichuan, make full use of the good weather, increase investment in personnel, machinery, materials, ensure the safety and quality, ensure the prevention measures to strictly implement the tight to construction, take production and try to finish the year ahead of schedule.At the same time, in order to ensure the travel of citizens, the Municipal Urban Construction Bureau insisted on carrying out road and street lamp inspection and security work.As of February 4, the municipal road mainly carried out an inspection on the Three ring Road, which is the Fuguwan Overpass and Gusao Shilijiao two-way road, and found that the damaged points have been supervised by the relevant responsible units to carry out repairs;A total of 44 people and 17 vehicles were dispatched at the district level, and 16 damaged points were found, all of which have been repaired.The street lamp center organized 52 emergency personnel and 21 vehicles to patrol 187 road sections, inspect 150 street transformers and more than 13,662 street lamps to ensure the normal lighting of relevant road sections.Source: Extreme News