The dialectic of gain and loss

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Some people regard gain and loss as an end, some people regard gain and loss as a starting point, some people regard gain and loss as a process.How do you experience and think about this?Write an essay and give your opinion.① Choose the Angle, the idea, the topic.② Clear style, not poetry.③ No less than 800 words.④ Shall not copy, set.Wang Lixin’s life is alive, gain and loss, gain and loss of reincarnation circulation, happiness and misfortune depend on each other, time is the starting point, time is the process, time is the end.If the gain and loss as the end, get happiness, lose pain, unavoidably unbalanced mentality, worry about personal gains and losses;If the gain and loss as a starting point, at the moment you get thinking that one day sooner or later you will lose, at the moment you lose thinking that one day sooner or later you will get.If the conversion of gains and losses when there is no mental imbalance of the feeling, to gladly accept calmly., you will lose it, too, whether on the court, or the campus outstanding student, or the workplace of the elite, which has industrious sweat and hard, like a colorful colorful flower, always put their best side line development for everyone to enjoy, but when it shoots, after the baptism of the storm,Who knows the burning process?Gain from loss, and you will lose today successful, cannot leave the put up yesterday, now the industrious cultivation, pregnant with the future harvest in sight, maybe you lost self, but got the heart, is the so-called: is having, a blessing in disguise, behind bad luck comes good luck, gain and loss, often just a moment, it is good to be common in mind to treat.We can enjoy a full and happy life by correctly viewing our own possessions and the gains and losses of life with a normal heart.Idle have idle lonely, also have idle happiness;Busy have busy lively, also have busy trouble.Everything is a blessing and a curse.Therefore, don’t be proud of what you’ve got, cherish what you have;Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have one. Be confident about the future.Life is about the process, as life is about growth.Insipid is not tasteless, but the true taste of life;Plain is not nothing, but the essence of life.The mountains can offer us wonders, but the plains of rice and wheat can meet our real needs.Any passionate love, will return to daily necessities;Any brilliant life, will be quiet in the quiet memories.Unable to tell the taste of life, can not distinguish the taste of life, get the taste of gain, lose the taste.In the process of life, five taste, lost when we can not hurt, when we can not rejoice.We always put all kinds of gains and losses in life, into our feelings, gain is happy, loss is sad.Life is like this, busy, flat light, life is like this, bumpy, ups and downs.The bitterness of life, between gains and losses.Broad-minded people, take up, put down, have no intention of gain and loss, naturally sit huai not disorderly.Flower Xie Fang unbeaten, calm people at ease.Calm, only leisure heart taste out of the existing happiness.How much, how quiet the heart;How quiet the heart, how deep the blessing.Peace of mind has nothing to do with the environment.The deepest serenity comes from the broadest and most tolerant mind.Deep and shallow blessing, not in how much can smile, but in how much can look pale lost.