10 million down to 3 million!Expose the football association to make a ruthless move, in the super national foot miserably, income plummeted 70%

2022-05-11 0 By

China’s men’s national football team is out of the 2022 World Cup, which is undoubtedly a heavy blow to Chinese football.From the Chinese Super League “rich national players”, not fighting spirit, death-defying attitude, let the fans angry.In the super winter into the background, salary cuts are inevitable.The Chinese Super League (CSL) is likely to cut wages again in 2022, the Football Daily reported on Feb 10.Chinese football can only be regarded as the second or third rate in Asia, but the income of the National football players in the Super League, once in line with the international standards, the annual salary is often tens of millions of yuan.At the same time, it is the National football team defeated the preliminary round, so sharp contrast, really dazzling.Therefore, starting from 2018, the Chinese Football Association promoted the “salary limit order” : at the end of 2018, the Chinese Football Association issued a policy to severely reduce the investment of clubs and players’ salaries.According to the rules at the time, the annual salary of CSL domestic players could not exceed 10 million yuan (before tax), and national players could get a 20 percent rise;In November 2020, the CFA again pushed for a salary cap of 5 million yuan (before tax) for domestic players in the Chinese Super League, effectively cutting the maximum salary for domestic players in half.However, the poor performance of The Chinese men’s football team in the preliminary round of the 12th round has once again caused public dissatisfaction, “at this level, why the annual salary million”?The pay cut, the third in four years, followed.The Chinese Super League is likely to cut wages again, with the maximum salary for local players slashed from 5 million yuan (pre-tax) to 3 million yuan, a 60% discount, soccer Daily revealed.After taxes, the players take home less than $2 million a year.From 10 million to 3 million, plummeting 70%, the income of Chinese Super League international players is about to experience a precipitous drop.Once implemented, the income of local players in CSL will almost return to 20 years ago — around 2003, the top international players can get 5 million yuan per year, like famous international players Ma Mingyu, Yu Genwei, Qi Hong, Li Weifeng, and so on, the annual salary after tax is 2 million yuan.If the annual salary cap for CSL players is 2 million yuan after tax, what is the international level?Two million yuan is 275,000 euros — the combined salary of 100 Chinese super League players is less than that of a Lionel Messi.Tottenham’s Son will receive a pre-tax annual salary of 10 million pounds, or 43 million yuan after tax, equal to 22 Chinese super League players.For Chinese super League (CSL) players, the future is not so comfortable — in the past, their annual income could easily buy luxury cars and mansions, but after three salary cuts, being an “elite soccer player” in China is no longer as good as it used to be.