China wins!

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The World Trade Organization (WTO) announced Thursday that China can impose tariffs on US $645 million worth of imports each year.The trade dispute began in 2012 when China took the US to the WTO over anti-subsidy duties imposed on Chinese products such as solar panels.The WTO had previously ruled that the US measures violated its rules, and the appellate body upheld them.The United States cannot appeal the decision.The decade-long “countervailing duty case” ended in China’s favour.The decision was made by a WTO arbitration panel, the Journal said.In 2012, under then-President Barack Obama, the United States alleged that China provided “unfair subsidies” to the production of 22 products, including solar panels, steel wire, paper and tires.In 2012, China filed a complaint at the WTO over “countervailing duties” imposed by the US between 2008 and 2012.In 2018, the WTO’s High-level Dispute Mediation Court issued a ruling on the dispute, saying the U.S. tariffs violated WTO rules.But the two countries could not agree on how the ruling would be implemented and how much China should be allowed to recover from retaliatory tariffs, prompting the case to be referred to a WTO arbitration panel.Reuters said it was another victory for China at the WTO.In November 2019, the WTO ruled that some methods used by the US to impose anti-dumping duties on Chinese products were wrong, eventually authorizing China to impose retaliatory tariffs on $3.58 billion of US goods.The US expressed dissatisfaction with the WTO ruling, which it said proved the need to reform WTO rules, claiming the organisation was being used to “protect China”.Lianhe Zaobao analyzed that the WTO ruling undoubtedly increases pressure on U.S. President Joe Biden’s administration at a time when biden is seeking to curb inflation ahead of midterm elections.’The WTO decision is deeply disappointing’ and the Biden administration remains committed to defending the interests of American workers, businesses, farmers and producers, said Susan Hodge, a spokeswoman for U.S. Trade Representative Diane Deitch.At a regular press briefing earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said certain US politicians have repeatedly accused China of “disobeying” the rules.The report of the WTO expert group proves once again that it is the US side that really breaks international rules.It is easy to see from the recent practices of the United States towards multilateral international organizations that the United States uses international organizations to serve its own interests, using them when appropriate and abandoning them when not.Wang said China always firmly supports and upholds the WTO-centered multilateral trading system and respects THE RULES and rulings of the WTO.We hope that the US side will fully respect the ruling of the Expert group and the rules-based multilateral trading system, take concrete actions to jointly safeguard the multilateral trading system with WTO members and promote the stable and sound development of the world economy.Source: Reporter Liu Xiaoyan, Governor of Chang ‘an Avenue process Editor: U022