Friesland’s Sales in China grew by double digits last year and the sales of Friso Rose by more than 50% year on year

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“For the full year, net sales maintained double-digit growth, including cross-border e-commerce business and new business growth of more than 20%, specialty dairy business growth of more than 30%.Royal Friso continues to lead the super premium milk powder market with its market share breaking new highs and sales growth of over 50% year on year.”This is the report card of Royal Friesland’s 2021 financial results in China.As for the reasons for the growth, Viesland said that the rapid growth of the company’s Performance in China in the face of challenges is due to the young brand building, continuous promotion of channel sinking, digital transformation and upgrading, and the joint promotion of pragmatic and efficient team.It is worth mentioning that as Friesland’s super high-end infant milk powder brand, Royal Friso has performed quite well.During the pandemic, Royal Friso has become the first choice for mothers and babies with its high levels of lactoferrin.At the moment when generation Z is taking up the banner of consumption, Friso has made great innovations in brand marketing. It has not only explored the mystery of natural nourishment together with National Geographic of China, but also successfully challenged the title of “Largestpostcardsentence” in Guinness World Record.The brand values of “persistence”, “nature” and “extraordinary” are rooted in the hearts of young consumers.In the industry point of view, beauty, good son also efficient use of digital media precision touch young audience, content creators or maternal and infant KOL, hand in hand through the scenario content in the form of novel trill, new media platforms such as the little red book quickly broken ring, depth of grass, improved the efficiency of online talk, more let brand and consumer communication more “ground”.Specifically, in terms of channels, Friesland has accelerated the development of cross-border e-commerce and continuously introduced global new products into the Chinese market, including HMO breast milk oligosaccharide formula Friso, organic version of Royal Friso and recently launched Friso sheep milk powder.In addition, in 2021, dairy enterprises will enter the “transition period” of digital upgrading, and Friesland will take the lead in applying digital technology to consumer services and internal management of enterprises.The world’s first innovation experience center of Fresland is located in Huangpu District of Shanghai, bringing consumers experience of innovative application scenarios through online and offline full-scene interaction, setting a benchmark for offline digital retail transformation of dairy enterprises.Through digital services such as “expert video link” and “QRcode Instant Traceability”, we explore the application of AI and unattended retail scenarios.Through digital and systematic solutions, parameters are shared across business lines and departments, resulting in a minimalist and efficient business model.Fiesland has also established a full-link data visualization system to support business units in making the right decisions and identifying opportunities to invest more efficiently.The continuous growth of Friesland China results from pragmatic and efficient team support.In addition, the company insists on taking root in China, realizing long-term development, actively fulfilling its social responsibility as a corporate citizen, and building three public welfare pillars of empowering women, caring for children and supporting dairy industry.Friesland has joined hands with several public welfare organizations to create brand public welfare projects. By 2021, the “Love Sister-in-law” project has helped more than 2,000 women in distress acquire skills and successfully find jobs.The “Caring Future” project covers 47,260 people, helping many families solve the problem of scientific parenting;The “Milk for Orphans” program provides nutritional support for orphans aged 1-3, and promotes the concept of milk and food feeding in the hearts of children through the milk Merchants Training camp.Regarding the future development and competition of Friesland in China, Mr. Chen Ge, President of Friesland China, said, “The Chinese market has always been a very important market for Friesland in the world.Continue to do the right thing by focusing on brand building and consumer experience, digitalization and channel innovation.”For the specialty nutrition business, Friesland will continue to focus on in-depth and interesting communication with the new generation of consumers to create a better brand and consumer experience.For the professional dairy business, we will continue to do customer penetration and expansion, try to localize the supply chain, get closer to local customers, and jointly serve consumers.As consumers pay more attention to health and nutrition, new businesses will continue to incubate, bringing more new products that better meet the nutritional needs of Chinese consumers.(Editor Zhang Wei)