Good news for a six-year relationship?Kim Xiaozhong posted a video online proposal, hyun a sweet response

2022-05-11 0 By

Hyuna Kim, who claimed that Hyuna Kim was the “last girlfriend”, made a successful online proposal. At the beginning of the New Year, celebrity artists started their daily shows of love again.On February 3, Korean entertainment pop singer Jin Xiaozhong in the social platform aite girlfriend hyun ya, sun two people wearing a ring big hand holding a small hand video, and proposed to it, attracted a lot of netizens onlookers.Before long, hyuna posted the same video and said yes to her boyfriend online, which meant Kim proposed to her.This has led many netizens to speculate that the emerald-encrusted gold rings on their ring fingers are their engagement rings.For Kim Xiaozhong also hyun a public high profile show of love, the users are also common, after all, dare to kiss on the stage, flirty boyfriend, only hyun a dare to do.Unlike many other relationships where hyuna and Kim hyo-jong were left alone, the relationship between Hyuna and Kim hyo-jong was one of the “weird ones” in the entertainment industry.The first is “women chasing men”.Many people in see two people often fit show affection, will think is Kim Xiaozhong chase hyun a.In fact, on the contrary, it is Hyun ya had taken the initiative to pursue Kim Xiaozhong, in love with each other for a year and a half later, with the help of drunk confession, the results found that two people have a crush on each other, so naturally came together.The second is “desperate for love”.As an artist, to a large extent is to be restricted by the brokerage company, but hyuna to love at termination with the company, see these Jin Xiaozhong also support his girlfriend, to the couple ring, with action to support his girlfriend’s behavior.Including Kim Xiaozhong also publicly said hyun a is his “last girlfriend”, and from the two people in 2018 (before the low-key love for two years) so far, 6 years of love life can also see the sweet, enough to prove the deep feelings of two people.So it’s not so much that two people love each other deeply, but that both of them have given each other a sense of security that makes their relationship last.Finally, congratulations to both of them on ending their 6-year long love and looking forward to their wedding!(Original article, without permission, is strictly prohibited, offenders will investigate!)