Orthopedics and Traumatology department, Lanzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Recently, the team of orthopedics and Traumatology department of Lanzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has successfully completed single-room knee osteoarthritis and single-condyle replacement with the full cooperation of anesthesiology department and other related departments. The operation was successfully completed, the patient recovered well after surgery and his family members were satisfied.The successful implementation of this operation is another new technical breakthrough in the orthopedics department of the hospital.In recent years, total knee replacement (TKA) has proven to be a very effective procedure for treating osteoarthritis of the knee.The knee joint consists of three compartments: the medial compartment (located inside the knee joint), the lateral compartment (located outside the knee joint), and the patellofemoral compartment (located in front of the knee joint).However, in some patients with osteoarthritis, the entire knee is not affected and only the medial compartment may be affected by the disease.For these patients, single-condylar joint replacement is the treatment of choice.Knee arthroplasty (UKA) has become a viable option for some patients.In the single condyle replacement surgery of the knee joint, only the single condyle of the knee joint is replaced as a surface prosthesis, and the knee joint is bisected from the anterior midline. The single condyle is the medial or lateral part.In simple terms, one half of the knee joint is replaced, which consists mainly of the tibial condyle and femoral condyle.When a patient’s knee joint has serious lesions due to osteoarthritis, but the lesion scope is relatively limited, the operation can retain 2/3 of the normal knee joint structure, so that the patient can retain the feeling of the natural body of the joint, recover the joint activity, and also delay the time of total knee replacement.Monondylar replacement has the advantages of less surgical trauma, quick postoperative recovery, less pain, less blood loss, better postoperative proprioception and less cost.For early knee lesions, it can significantly improve the quality of life of patients, delay the time of total knee replacement, and for many patients, total knee replacement can be exempted.The elderly knee joint recurrent pain, most of the knee degenerative osteoarthritis considered.Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is a disease characterized by the degeneration of articular cartilage caused by local injury and inflammation of the knee joint and chronic strain.The main performance is affected joint dull pain, initial activity, aggravation after involvement, rest, and then persistent pain, with joint stiffness, see improvement after activity.Late joint swelling, enlargement, limited movement, deformity.Knee joint tenderness;Severe symptoms of knee joint flexion limitation;The floating patellar test was positive with effusion.Once the occurrence of knee pain should see a doctor as soon as possible, to avoid aggravation of the condition.The orthopedics and Traumatology Department of Lanzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine offers the following treatment programs:Limbs and joints fracture surgery and minimally invasive locking technology, manual reduction closing needle fixation, lumbar disc and lumbar spinal stenosis disease of conservative treatment and surgical treatment, joint degenerative diseases, fascia adhesion release technique, artificial femoral head and total hip, knee replacement therapy, single condylar knee replacement, total knee replacement surgery.Small needle knife treatment is another characteristic treatment technology of orthopedics, treatment of neck shoulder and waist leg pain, humeral external epicondylitis, periarthritis of shoulder, tendon sheath stenosis, knee degenerative osteoarthropathy and so on.At the same time, we also carried out Chinese massage, traction, cupping, scraping, Chinese medicine, such as the collapse of the neck, shoulder, waist, leg pain, due to the treatment of people, the curative effect is exact.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter Liu Xiaofang arranged