Prevention and control in Yiwu today is not in place!Four businesses were suspended for rectification

2022-05-11 0 By

Implementation of prevention and control is not in place!At present, the epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim, and the business premises with large flow of people are the key areas for prevention and control.In order to further strictly implement epidemic prevention measures, this week, Yiting town together with relevant functional departments to carry out “six small industries”, small and medium-sized supermarkets epidemic prevention and control special inspection, for the people to build a safety protection wall.Based on the normalized epidemic prevention and control, the check key to view all kinds of management place xiaosha records, workers wear masks, nucleic acid detection, store staff wearing masks, sweep the place, temperature measurement to carry out the situation, such as lack of corresponding set “one-meter line” did not buy, not to wear masks and temperature measuring gun fault prevention and control is in place, shall be ordered to make correctionThose with weak awareness of prevention and control or inadequate rectification will be suspended for rectification.A total of more than 90 businesses were inspected, and four businesses were ordered to stop business activities and reopen after the rectification was in place.❖ An employee of MC2 Clothing store, Chongyang Street, failed to take nucleic acid test as required. On March 7, the employee visited the store to inform him of the failure.The staff of sujia Aihua, Shangpin International and Xiangman Beauty Salon in Qianjie, ❖ town did not wear masks as required, did not measure the temperature of customers, and did not ask customers to scan the site code. There were large loopholes in prevention and control, and the staff ordered the above three operators to stop business for rectification.Next, YiTing town will continue in industry within their respective jurisdictions, high-rise residential and so on to carry out several rounds of epidemic prevention and control to strengthen inspection, at the same time increase the intensity of “look back” examination, to implement prevention measures is not in place and lack of the rectification, the main responsibility of the closed for handling according to law, supervise and urge its strict emphasizing corrective, pays special attention to the end of the epidemic prevention work.