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Emotional cycle: There are a large number of short-term players in this market, many of whom do not understand the market well enough, but they can also make money at the stage. This kind of money will increase their confidence at the stage, and then they will quickly jump into the next variety. When this kind of behavior produces group effect, hot spots in this background are easy to be sustained.On the contrary, if the short-term pursuit of those, one after another miss, resulting in a substantial drop in funds, they will enter reflection, thereby reducing the operation, when this behavior produces group effect, some strong stocks without successors, it is easy to form fill.These two psychological processes, repeated, the right rhythm, can distinguish the size of the opportunity, and then determine the position in and out.The popularity of the surface is also a cyclical process, which is related to the effect of making money in the market. When the stock god is everywhere, it is the most popular time.1. Mainstream: usually rise, span of time is long, the operation strategy is to do repeatedly, the first wave to catch up to do enough, did not catch up to fall back to do the next wave;2. Tributaries: all tributaries rotate step by step, with different increases, and time fits the mainstream until the end of the mainstream;In terms of strategy, in the case that the mainstream does not fall, we should gradually dig according to the logic centering on the mainstream.3. Secondary mainstream: the increase and time span are less than the mainstream, but still operable to some extent;Strategically, around the leading operation;4. Non-mainstream: short time, but because of technical or news and other factors, there will be a certain explosive power in the short term, strategy, fast in and fast out, the next day is very short, the outbreak can participate in the early, the market can not chase high;Mainstream interpretation: 1. Mainstream usually comes from the national high-level strategy and mainly has an overall vision;2: the formation of leading plate, the market has the appeal, leading stocks have the appeal to the plate, the leading stock is the core of the whole market concern;3: grasp the mainstream, even if the market is down, stocks also have the opportunity to avoid risks, operation can directly buy relatively certain faucet, can also buy after the hair varieties, such as trading board skills is not very important;4: a leading throughout the end, or several core stocks may take turns to lead;Operation strategy: Up: Rolling operation between hot spots;1. Early stage: low suction stop loss to do the strong stock pullback back, or the new hot stock form has not been destroyed, the market is not fully recognized, still looking forward to a new high, for the new hot and strong stock pullback back, there is still the desire for a new high, there is a certain chasing power, then you can calmly sell arbitrage;2 medium low suction collapse to do super stocks, focus on the timing, is generally a period of continuous decline once again when the crash;Market is weak, do not expect high, a strong stock rally will encounter more selling pressure, after a round of selling pressure release at the same time, the short-term high, hook plate is locked in super losers accompanied by the emergence of the melt plate, further selling pressure relief, some buying can easily push up a little, but the more the easier to touch up hook plate, can be sold in advance before the hook plate arbitrage;The essence of its rise is not the strength of buying, but the strength of selling in a moment of vacuum;3 at the end of strong catch-up do in line with the mainstream hot spot explosive strong stock market panic heart extremely spread, talk about the stock color change, most stocks fell heavily, a lot of funds in a wait-and-see state;At this time, a persistent hot spot leads the market to rise. What this plate is difficult to determine in advance, but it often resonates on the policy side, the technical side and the capital side.Once the hot spot is determined, it is easy to trigger the attention of a large number of otc funds. Once the profit-making effect is formed, because the level of OTC funds is larger than the short-term trapped level, the pressure level is broken through one by one and continuously consolidated. This stage from weak to strong is the perfect opportunity for short-term investors to strive for profits.Coping with mentality 1: in the downward trend, more should be more patient, loss of money is not a big problem, because the mood affects the transaction, it should not;It was no longer worth it to be tired and haggard, more calm and less anxious;2: as long as there is a stop loss plate, there will be anti – pumping, the worst case is no stop loss plate, so it will evolve into Yin drop situation, until the end of the market to stop loss, then of course there will be anti – pumping, but the consumption of time is too long, not easy to grasp, and efficiency is not high, so on the disk to have the appearance of stop loss plate;3: In the face of the possible collapse, we still need to be cautious, control the position, lower the asking price;Once collapse dish appears, it is an opportunity, and turn to strengthen, is also an opportunity;With money in hand, you still have the opportunity to attack new hot spots at any time;A good strategy is to keep yourself at an advantage in the process of dynamic change.Collapse characteristics: 1: Among the leading varieties, some of them are recent strong stocks, which to some extent hit the enthusiasm of after-market chasing and reduce the profit effect to some extent;2: leading varieties, part of the early decline was a big variety, will let a part of the love of the bottom of the capital trapped in the situation, bottom copying people lose money, continue to copy the bottom will be reduced, may cause the collapse;3: there is a large area of the disk limit varieties, the overall recent decline of many varieties in more than 20-30% of the decline;4: Collapse psychology and stop-loss psychology are two levels. After the short-term market continues to fall, the market will trigger panic, which will roughly resist and then collapse. The collapse psychology is usually hidden in the depths of people’s hearts, once stimulated, it will have a strong impact.5: For example, if the market drops further, there will be the sound of how many points it has fallen and how many points it has fallen. At this time, the reasons for the rise will be abandoned and replaced by the increasingly fierce panic. At this time, the psychological collapse will be generated.Intraday response: 1: heavy positions miss a: if I empty positions, I do not buy anything, sell the hands of the stock;B: If I have a short position, I will buy another stock, so switch.C: If I were short, I would still buy my own stock and not sell it.Note: there is also a quantitative position requirements, such as light positions at least need to reduce the position in hand;2: the stock is covered a: the market and the stock in the plate is the stage of the peak or rising relay?If the judgment phase peak, should be decisive sell;B: If we look at the rebound, do we predict the hot spot of the rebound or the sector of the stock in hand?If not, it should be decisively sold into a new hot spot;C: Many people are trapped, always thinking about the rebound, but the actual situation is often even if the rebound, the stock in hand may not be able to rebound much, so when concerned about when to untie, not as concerned about the next hot spot is more important;A: Let yourself be on the active side. In the process of falling, the holder will think about what other people who are holding the same shares with you think. If they want to make a rebound and I will go, you’d better go as soon as possible.B: Think about the thoughts of the holders of the currency. If it goes down, will they buy it? If it goes up, will they buy it?A: Is the current position likely to rise or fall?B: If it’s up, what’s the upside, and if it’s down, what’s the downside?Position 1: the first is to make yourself feel comfortable, light warehouse test ordinary opportunities, to avoid the risk of market decline;Heavy position attack mode of high chance of success, determine the position of only one factor, risk-return ratio;2: the relationship between position and profit: 60% of the winning position is on the sidelines, 60-70% of the small position is on the sidelines, 70-80% of the medium position is on the sidelines, 80-90% of the heavy position is on the sidelines, and more than 90% of the full position is on the sidelines.3: short-term position changes will be relatively large, the left side of the general trading light warehouse, can gradually add warehouse, the right side of the trading position is relatively heavy;After a hot spot out, may be full, the market may appear a greater risk, I will clear the warehouse;In fact, this position is not very important, the position is also on the strain;In addition, sometimes the allocation of positions in the short-term speculation, overnight super short, this kind of position is not significant, because the next day is likely to sell high control back to low positions, and then choose the appropriate strain, and investment positions have relatively strong significance;4. Mainstream heavy positions, investment positions, non-mainstream light positions, speculative positions, and overnight super short positions. Improve my own system, try to judge the objective profit margin given by the market, and calculate the reasonable position allocation by using Kelly formula combined with the profit margin;5: trial and error corresponds to the prediction, the prediction is not established, go, the prediction confirmation and then add warehouse, and how much has nothing to do with the dynamic change process of judgment;Forecast to buy, confirm to add warehouse, hot conversion for shares, no longer optimistic to sell;And sell and buy are similar thinking mode, predict to sell, confirm all out;Belief that there must be a method of faith, faith can let a person adhere to, let a person wholeheartedly into, unyielding, indomitable, short-term speculation, or the pursuit of hundreds of millions, or nothing;T+01: based on the sentiment of market participants, it is not to do T for the sake of doing T, but to increase the position when the opportunity is large, reduce the position when the risk is large, and change the position if there is a better opportunity;When the plate stock trend of large fluctuations, these operations will be carried out within a day, so the formation of the form of T;2. It is easy to reverse T. In a strong market, it is easy to sell chips at a high price and buy them back at a higher price.Bargain in the weak market intervention chips, such as prices continue to fall and caught;Balancing the market would be relatively easy;Stop profit and stop loss 1: there is no “stop profit, stop loss” and other words in the trading strategy, the buying and selling operation has nothing to do with the cost, do not look good on the sell, there is a better target on the exchange, do no cost in the heart, only do the right transaction, the outcome to the probability, more calm, less a heart of the outcome;2: buying opportunities, selling risks, there is no cycle, do not use stop profit stop loss to bind themselves, after selling to re-examine the market to catch new opportunities, do not miss other opportunities for the so-called unhedging;Cost barrier 1: buying opportunity, selling risk, operation by operation, minimize any cost barrier, and the psychological impact caused by falling below the buying point;2: Sometimes the cost is not a big problem, the key is to do right, do short-term missed opportunity is certainly greater than the opportunity to grasp, sell the stock and its second day trading stock is not the same stock;Risk-return ratio 1: do the short-term pursuit of risk control under the premise of grasping the opportunity to explosive varieties;In order to control the risk, sometimes miss cattle;To catch outbreaks, sometimes take risks;But the more objective and accurate you are about risk and reward, time will show the power of compound interest;2. It is ok to miss the bull market, and it is ok to take risks occasionally. It is essential to measure risks and returns under different conditions, but this itself also depends on your deep understanding of the market.3: shorts, a bear market bull market fully, it is simple, the actual operation is not possible, master also repeatedly in a bear market, the difference is that the best bull market phase of the operation, the profit unceasingly, the bear market phase of the operation, close to the balance of profit and loss, actually operating at that moment, a lot of expert judgment on the market are not sure, is the result of the operation strategy of the good.4. The winning side includes two factors, one is the expected rate of return and the other is the winning rate. A simple description is the probability of rising or falling after buying, and if it goes up, how much is expected to rise, and if it goes down, how much is expected to fall.5: when the market tend to be favourable judgment, strive for profit maximization, the greater chance of it several times a year, so when all the is worth all the pressure on a stock, often require extremely high favor, even if less bought 100 shares of all feel the feeling of regret, this kind of situation is less, may be four to five times a year;6: most of the time, your strategy depends on whether you are partial attack or defense, attack, consider mainly choose afternoon have the stock of the imaginary space, and not too concerned about what is up, defensive, consider after one thousand miss, how much is the loss of the space, is expected, but no matter what the strategy must be the opportunities outweigh the risks of varieties;