In spring beekeeping, bees do not build spleen after adding nest base?Mostly because of those reasons

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After the addition of bees do not build spleen is actually divided into two cases, one is neither on the base of the spleen, nor in other places in the hive to build spleen;The other is that although not on the base of the spleen, but in other places in the hive of spleen.These two types are caused by different reasons and need to be addressed and solved.First of all, there are two main reasons for not building but building superfluous spleen. First, there are problems with the quality of the spleen.The quality here generally refers to the composition, smell, printing, etc.In the article “The nest base sold online is mixed with mineral wax, do you know the reason”, it has been mentioned that the nest base is mixed with mineral wax or other substances, bees are very sensitive to the smell, if the smell of these substances is too large, bees will resist to build a spleen on it, this situation is more common in the bee colony.Printing refers to the concave and convex lines on the nest base, which is designed and printed according to the shape of the bottom of the natural honeycomb house. These lines are equivalent to a foundation, which is more convenient for bees to continue to build the nest house.If the prints are distorted because of improper transportation or storage, the bees will have to repair the foundation before making a spleen. In contrast, it is more convenient to make a spleen directly, so the bees will not make a spleen on the base.Second, the gap between frames is too large.According to the different bee species and seasons, the gap of bee splenostomy is generally controlled between 8-12 mm, which is close to the width of thumb. Therefore, in beekeeping production management, we are accustomed to adjust the gap of the above frame beam with a thumb width as the standard.But online sales of nest frame in addition to the standard box box has a clear size specifications, in the bee nest frame model size is more, there are bee friends used to make their own, the width of the nest frame beam from 25 to 30 mm.It is necessary to know that the bee nest room has a standard size, and it will not increase the nest room because the frame beam is wider. At this time, if the spacing of the frame beam is taken as the standard, the gap between the spleen and the spleen will be too large, and the bee will not directly build the spleen on the nest base, but build a redundant spleen between the base and the spleen.There are four main reasons for this: one is that the swarm itself is not large enough.Some bees see that the existing upper splenic cells are filled with queen bees and have no place to store honey;Or the nest is filled with honey and powder, and the queen has no place to lay eggs when she will be anxious to build a spleen.However, at this time, the swarm of bees is not enough to support the number of spleens, and bees will not continue to make new spleens because they only focus on the original spleens to produce offspring and honey.Second, the external flow of honey is less.Only sufficient honey water can help bees secrete beeswax. According to studies, it takes more than 3 catties of honey to secrete 1 catty of beeswax. If there is little honey flowing outside, the honey collected at this time will be given priority to the daily needs of bees, rather than for the construction of a spleen.Three, the swarm wants to separate bees.The bees that want to be divided are in a state of slow down, although on the basis of the meeting, but the basic is not to continue to build spleen, after all, the rest of the bees can not use so much spleen.Fourth, there are insufficient spleen-making bees at the appropriate age.Honeybee wax gland development at 8 to 12 days of age, only this day of age of bees can better secrete wax to make spleen, so in the old spleen and build a new spleen, if there are fewer bees in the colony of the appropriate age to secrete wax to make spleen, the nest is also difficult to add.The above is the reason why the author summarizes the bees do not build spleen, if you happen to encounter the situation of bees do not build spleen, you can look at the corresponding to find the problem in which, the author will also introduce how to promote the bees build spleen in the next article.