Ninghua: House New Year dragon lantern traditional custom noisy village

2022-05-12 0 By

During the Spring Festival, a dragon lantern dance was held in Loujia Village, Zhongsha Township, Ninghua County. The villagers performed the dragon lantern dance to show the prosperity of the village population and the harmony of the neighborhood, hoping for good weather, peace and auspice during the Spring Festival.On February 8, at six o ‘clock on the eighth day of the first lunar month, Loujia Village was very busy with gongs and drums. With the roar of fireworks, the young and middle-aged men in the village, carrying a cloth dragon, took the lead in walking out of the Zhang ancestral hall and began to parade around the village square, followed by Bandonglong.The banlong in Loujia Village of Zhongsha township is composed of three parts: the head, the body and the tail of the dragon. Each household takes a piece of fir wood nearly two meters long and ten centimeters wide as the candle bridge board, which looks like a long bench surface.Each candle bridge is installed with 3 bamboo woven into the bucket, white paper paste noodles, bucket inserted candles, bucket surface write: good harvest, good weather and other auspicious words.With the dragon lantern team to every family in front of the New Year, I saw two long dragons dancing in the night, rolling, colorful, where the villagers to firecrackers, fireworks to meet, men and women have taken to the streets to watch, the whole village a happy and peaceful, filled with thick flavor of the New Year.Reporter Xia Shuzhen Wu Songlin