The top!Delayed mortgage payments on the hot search!Are you really ready for the mortgage?

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It is said that the dust of The Times, falling on individuals is a mountain, in the past perhaps people do not quite understand the heavy meaning of this sentence.And in the current YQ era, it has managed to strike a chord with many people.Just yesterday, a hashtag “Delaying mortgage payments due to COVID-19 needs to be put on the agenda” rode this sentiment to the top of the list, with 92 media reports, 250 million views and 85.56 million discussions.Figure source network in this topic below a lot of net friends said: very agree with this proposal, please quickly implement it!Some netizens complained about their financial pressure and life difficulties caused by the prevention and control blockade.Recently, many urban netizens have issued a request for help on Weibo: they feel that they are almost unable to repay the mortgage, and hope that the bank will postpone the repayment of the mortgage.Some netizens said that in the face of YQ, developers can delay the delivery, why their mortgage can not delay repayment, don’t they are not affected by YQ, such a soul question!One of the screenshots of an owner on The Tuyuan network has gone viral. The owner works in Shanghai, because YQ cannot go to work for the time being and has no income.But the first day of every month to return 5000 yuan or so of the mortgage, I hope the bank can suspend the mortgage repayment period or waive half a month mortgage.Tuyuan network responded to the bank like this: at present, the banking industry does not have the relevant provisions of YQ mortgage waiver, flower Bridge closure is a short-term special situation, will not have a long-term impact.According to the regulations of the bank, if the mortgage payment is delayed for 1 day, the credit record will be affected. If the mortgage payment is delayed for 3 months, the lawsuit will be initiated. Please be sure to repay the mortgage on time.Later, according to redstar News, a customer service employee of China Citic Bank said, “Due to the epidemic, we can apply for delaying the mortgage loan policy. So far, the bank has only received notices in Suzhou, Fuzhou, Shenzhen and some regions of Hebei, but not in Shanghai and Changchun.”The customer service said that based on past experience, Shanghai, Changchun and other regions may have relevant policies released in the next week.”We will formulate policies according to the epidemic situation, but there is a lag time.”The customer service explained.As a matter of fact, as early as February 2020, the Central Bank, the CBRC and other five departments jointly issued the Notice on Further Strengthening financial Support for the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak.Requirements for new pneumonia hospitalization or quarantine, epidemic prevention and control need to quarantine personnel, to participate in the epidemic prevention and control workers and affected by the epidemic temporarily lose their source of income, financial institutions should appropriately on credit policy tilt, flexible adjustment of housing mortgages, credit CARDS and other personal credit repayment schedule, reasonable delay reimbursement deadline.Just yesterday, Jiangsu Changshu Bank officially announced: affected by the epidemic temporarily lost source of income customers to provide mortgage loan extension support!Network of graph source this is suzhou in all banks, the first public expression can support delay of reimbursement, other need telephone consultation!This YQ, due to the timely prevention and control of Yangzhou, did not cause a wide range of transmission, yangzhou in addition to express transportation and public entertainment venues have been greatly affected, the normal life of citizens is still guaranteed.As can be seen from the real-time dynamic, there are confirmed cases in Jiangsu province except Yangzhou, so there is no news of mortgage payment delay in Yangzhou at present.During last year’s month-long lockdown campaign, some residents also consulted the authorities about their mortgage loans.Received: You can take the initiative to contact your lender to report your difficulties and negotiate loan repayment matters.That’s the answer.That is to say, according to the situation last year, if yangzhou similar situation, is likely to delay the mortgage, of course, the specific situation depends on the policy at that time.Of course, even with such a policy, we still hope yangzhou can continue to maintain the current epidemic prevention achievements, after all, no one wants to go through last year’s predicament again.However, although life and work in Yangzhou are still going on normally, the epidemic has more or less affected people’s lives and salaries to a certain extent.Especially in the case of the mortgage itself, a little bit of a small impact, will also gather into a mountain of pressure to get out of breath.In recent years, with the impact of YQ, layoffs and a series of other factors, the number of houses auctioned in Yangzhou is also gradually improving.From Ali law can see a lot, some lots and quality is quite good house now also become law, including villas, large flat floor.This, for example, is located in The City of Yangzhou in Wenchang zijin residence, according to the website information, the building area of the residence has fully 306 square meters.And look at the pictures uploaded on the website, you can see that the house is still under construction of water and electricity, and now it has been hung on the French auction website, have to sigh.Coincidentally, such as this and chang Forest Lake villa, you can see the value of the 5.9 million law of the house, into the flow.And it is not difficult to see from the photos uploaded on the website that the decoration of the house is also good. You can imagine how helpless the former owner is, so that his house became a law.In the face of this turbulent era, any small life pressure in the face of mortgage and QY will be pressed out of breath.Therefore, in this reminds you that there is a need to buy a house, in this era, the purchase must do what one can, avoid by all means because of the excitement and some vision for the future, and ignore now!