The world: Zhou Zhigang hidden face exposure, no wonder governor Hao dislike him, Zhou Bingkun furious

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Zhou Bingkun’s father Zhou Zhigang can be said to be the pillar of the zhou family, has a strong sense of responsibility to the home, but Zheng Juan appeared in the home, but everywhere reflected his calculation, Zhou Zhigang out for two years, do not know the home happened major changes, thought everything was good in the home.After all ping-i Chou and Zhou Rong Zhou Bingkun, have their own work and life at home, but he did not know that daughter Zhou Rong had not good at all in the outside, especially his wife Thomas vesting, know Feng Huacheng and Zhou Rong accident, frighten directly down on the bed, without widow Zheng Juan help in the home,Zhou bingkun alone cannot let his brother and father work at ease outside.Zhou zhigang back home, Zhou Bingkun see father’s mood is good, then conveniently mentioned Zheng Juan, want Zheng Juan when his wife, but in front of zhou zhigang just heard a word, will be fundamental Zhou Bingkun explanation, a feet chuai him onto the ground, see father this posture, dared not mention Zheng Juan Zhou Bingkun root, after all there are rumours in a word, the widow door is more.Zhou zhigang know his wife Thomas vesting in bed for another two years, there has been a Zheng Juan after the next to take care of, immediately changed a face, said Zheng Juan zhou’s home is big benefactor, otherwise Zhou Bingkun impossible at ease to work, but zhou zhigang after thanks to temper, said in spite of this, still can’t accept the widow into the door of his home.Zheng Juan already see through the world naked, I know what is the meaning of zhou zhigang, and didn’t say anything more, although the Zhou Bingkun feelings are real, but decided to give up, zhou zhigang in the face of it, said to Zhou Bingkun because don’t want outsiders to see Zheng Juan stay in their home for a long time, and then in the home is not a third person, in order not to spread gossip,So let Zheng Juan go.If zhou zhigang is really good for Zheng Juan, you should not say more later, although the final Zheng Juan left, but it is a pair of stressed, perhaps dong-mei hao hao dad governor had already see through the other side of the zhou zhigang, so has been disapproved of his daughter DongMei and ping-i Chou’s marriage, Zhou Bingkun know after all rage.If you have any unique insights, please leave a comment in the comments section. Xiaobian will talk about analysis with you!This article is the author’s original, unauthorized plagiarism is strictly prohibited, offenders will investigate!