Want to join the Chinese men’s national team?Pay!Famous mouth Liu Jianhong anger uncovered national football scandal!

2022-05-12 0 By

China’s women’s football team suffered a shock defeat to Vietnam on The first day of the Chinese New Year. Recently, the Chinese women’s football team beat the south Korean women’s football team to win the Asian Cup, and then Chen Xuyuan, president of the Chinese Football Association, proposed a big salary cut.After the National football team failed to even play Vietnam in Asia, many football commentators have become so disappointed that they have fired at the Chinese men’s football team.In recent days, liu Jianhong, the former CCTV mouthpiece, opened fire, anger uncovered the national football internal scandal!Jian4 recently following reports in live, he said in the team’s within such a phenomenon, if a player want to into the Chinese national men, actually is plain code marks a price, in the team just burn is just beginning and will even give you a bank card, if you want to come on stage to play, it is ok to pay them, play a few games to play a few money!Former CCTV mouthpiece Liu Jianhong’s revelation is not too fierce. In fact, in China’s football team, there has always been a rumor that only rich players can play in the national team, but it is the first time I have heard that only rich players can play in the national team.If what Liu jianhong said is true, there is no doubt that the shock to Chinese football will be even greater, which shows that Chinese men’s football has been rotten from the roots.At the same time, it explains why the local head coach headed by Li Tie does not like to use naturalized players.In fact, Li Tie led the team, there was a more powerful ability to put the naturalization of the situation.After the 1-1 draw with the strong Australian men’s football team, many fans believe that if Li Tie had been naturalized earlier, maybe the Chinese men’s football team would not have been so passive and would have scored more points.Now it seems that the naturalized players do not understand the rules of the national football Team, and they cannot ask for money openly. If other players pay money, they can only let those who pay to play.Actually in domestic football from the bottom is essentially the routines, like liu2 jian4 mouth puts it, the team’s players play as a child to now, every game every game to spend money, those who have the talent capable children because the home have no money to be being washed out gradually, and those without talent ability eventually entered the national team and has rich childrenThen rely on the status of the national team began to make money, as time goes by, The Chinese men’s football team has been accumulated.Competitive sports has always depended on the ability to speak, capable people can get high salaries, in order to wear the national team shirt for the country.But the men put the cart before the horse, have the ability to have no money not kick the ball, money didn’t ability to laze around into the national team, it is no wonder that Chinese football over the years a lose lose, now lost the Vietnam team head, as you can imagine to, within five years, the Chinese team in Asia will have no rivals can lose, then I’m afraid all the fans will not go to care about Chinese football.After Liu Jianhong blew this material, no one stood up to refute him at present, it should be said that it is almost out of ten.On today’s Chinese soccer, this group of young players and team player, I’m afraid is not line, this time must take out a strong man DuanWan determination, abandon this group of players, to cultivate a group of children play, only in this way the men a chance to return to the top of the Asia is promising to enter Chinese football World Cup.