Bless spring

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Blessing spring text: idlers in the countryside spring, one yuan kaitai.City, vientiane renewal.Red lanterns hung high and neon lights shone brightly.In the square, light show to accompany us to celebrate the New Year.Residents of the big stage, deduce the beautiful stone development.Ordinary alleys, wine fragrance elegant.Red paper couplets stick lintel, visit friends and relatives to send blessings.Village square, cultural activities.People stage, basketball Yangko boom.Every family, reunion festival.Chicken, duck and fish set the table, civilized toast etiquette.Upstairs downstairs, each other walk worship New Year.Neighbors greet each other with kindness.A year’s plan begins in spring.Market shops bring fertilizer, farmers busy leveling the ground.Farm machinery beeps, men and women are busy.Friends and relatives help each other plow the land.Bless spring!No pains, no gains.Sow a grain of millet in spring, reap ten thousand seeds in autumn.Sweat for agriculture.Diligence brings a year of good fortune.Editor: Ma Xiuhong Rector: Tuo Weiming editor: Shaanxi Zhixiu supervisor: Ma Quansheng