First observation | “Poverty alleviation through stability” in General Secretary Xi Jinping’s mind how much

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On the eve of the Spring Festival, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited two villages in Shanxi Province in spite of wind and snow to comfort the people.It’s not hard to see the implications in terms of time and place.In terms of time — the first anniversary of the historic elimination of absolute poverty;A crucial year for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization;Lunar New Year eve.In terms of location, Fengnanyuan Village in Shizhuang Township of Huozhou City was one of the villages with serious damage to agricultural houses in Linfen city during the autumn flood last year, and there was a risk of returning to poverty due to disaster.Fenxi County sangneng town section of the village was a poor village, the poor population is more stable poverty alleviation task.These two villages are facing the urgent task of consolidating and expanding poverty alleviation and continuing rural revitalization.During his trip to Shanxi, The general secretary stressed that modernization of agriculture and rural areas is indispensable to building a modern country, and that efforts should be made to consolidate poverty alleviation efforts and promote rural revitalization.This leads to the following basic logic: to win the battle against poverty — to consolidate its achievements — to continue rural revitalization — to modernize agriculture and rural areas — to achieve the second Centenary Goal.In other words, the stability of poverty alleviation has an impact on whether the second Centenary Goal can be achieved as scheduled, and on the overall rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.After the war, The General Secretary still went to once-impoverished areas to visit and comfort the people in spite of wind and snow. This shows how important the issue of stabilizing poverty alleviation is to the general Secretary.Winning the battle against poverty has only solved the problem of absolute poverty. We also need to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation to prevent people from falling back into poverty due to diseases and disasters.The more difficult the region is to get rid of poverty, the greater the need to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.The two villages visited by the General Secretary are representative.In the fenxi County section village, the general secretary learned about the local prevention of poverty dynamic monitoring and support practices.During his visit to Shanxi Province in May 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed the need to strengthen monitoring and early warning of poverty reduction and dynamic assistance to promote the link between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.The monitoring and assistance mechanism for preventing poverty from falling back into poverty was established in March 2020, mainly to monitor registered households that have been lifted out of poverty but are not stable.Comprehensive social security measures will be adopted for those covered by monitoring, including industrial assistance, employment assistance and enhanced subsistence allowances.Poverty alleviation is a dynamic process, especially when the economic situation is complex and grim, and stable poverty alleviation faces greater challenges.That is why, over the past year, the general Secretary has always stressed the need to consolidate the achievements made in poverty alleviation during relevant meetings and field trips to communities.The general Secretary’s visit to these two villages can also be seen as a “backward look” and redeployment of the achievements in consolidating poverty alleviation.How to consolidate poverty alleviation achievements?The most effective way to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation is to link up and promote rural revitalization.”The key to rural vitalization is to revitalize industries.”Duan Village visited by the general Secretary will achieve an annual per capita income of about 12,000 yuan in 2021 by developing planting and breeding industries.Once impoverished villages are steadily lifting themselves out of poverty.The development of industry focuses on “hematopoietic” rather than “blood transfusion”, arouses the endogenous power of the masses, and industrial poverty alleviation has therefore become one of the “passwords” for China to win the battle against poverty.General Secretary Xi Jinping has always attached great importance to this.Last year alone, I had to investigate the development of local industries almost every time I visited local places — Miao Embroidery and batik in Guizhou in February;March, Fujian, tea, Shaxian Snacks;April, Guangxi, grape planting, snail flour;May, Henan, Chinese rose, Mugwort;June, Tibetan carpets, Qinghai;August, Hebei, tourism, modern agriculture…Employment is another key to ensuring steady income growth for those who have been lifted out of poverty.”Employment is a basic measure to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation.We will actively develop rural industries to make it easier for people to find jobs at home, so that they can have both an income and a family and raise their children well.”This idea was put forward by the General Secretary during his inspection trip to Guizhou last February.This year, China aims to ensure that more than 30 million people out of poverty will find employment.Accurate statistics of the employment of people out of poverty and their inclusion in targeted management are a reapplication of the targeted poverty alleviation strategy in consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation, which is also the proper meaning of the central government’s “Four goals”.Without agricultural and rural modernization, there can be no modernization of the country.Without rural revitalization, there will be no great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Implementing the rural vitalization strategy is an inevitable choice to realize the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and also a key move to fundamentally solve the problems concerning agriculture, rural areas and farmers.Although the battle against poverty has been won and the issue of absolute poverty has been historically resolved, there is still a long way to go for rural revitalization, which is as deep, broad and difficult as the fight against poverty. There should be no desire to take a breath or rest.General Secretary xie Huanchi’s local inspection has sent a clear signal that to solve the problem of rural revitalization, we must start from consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation.Consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation is a prerequisite for fully implementing rural vitalization, as well as the prerequisite and foundation for promoting agricultural and rural modernization.The huge “spillover effect” of poverty alleviation has laid a solid foundation for continuing rural revitalization.Advancing rural vitalization will lay a more solid foundation for agricultural and rural modernization.This is also a key question for realizing the second Centenary Goal on schedule.Producer: Zhao Cheng planning: HuoXiaoGuang lead: Hou Xuejing, Huang Yue plan as a whole: xiao-song zhang, hong-mei Lin, wang ribbon visual | editor: Helena, BaoYuHan Xinhua instead make The Xinhua News Agency produced by the first studio