Han Huanfeng, president of Canghai Printing Company, printed the back cover of han’s selected ancient and modern poems

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Zhao Zhizhong, Cangzhou, Hebei: On February 4, 2022, it was learned that Mr. Han Huanfeng, president of Canghai Printing Company, finished the seal on the back cover of “Han’s Poems”, which will be transferred to Mr. Han Zhongqing, chief editor of the book.The first seal of “Han’s Poetry” is 3.8×3.8 ⅹ 13cm, which is zhejiang red flower crystal printing stone lion button. It is packed in brocade cloth box and carved in Chinese style.The seal is plain and solemn, and the sidebar is properly damaged, showing ancient and elegant simplicity.Side seal engraving name, kai fa description of “Han’s ancient and modern poetry” book, this as the back of the seal and as a memorial.Sign-off: At the beginning of the year huan Peak imprint.The square inch of the chapter, can show the cultivation of the artist, its seal is also poetry, writing is also a book, layout is also a picture, playing knife carving is also a seal.Han Huanfeng: the word Hanshi, the number wa chi, don’t sign the master of wa Zhai.Born in March 1948, researcher of Cangzhou Museum.He is now the director of Xiling Seal Society, the member of calligraphy and art Committee of Chinese Couplet Society, the member of Chinese Calligrapher’s Association, the former member of presidium of Hebei Shuxie and the director of seal cutting Committee, and the honorary director.Honorary chairman of Cangzhou Literary association, president of Canghai Printing Company., go on to as a “one hundred” Chinese seal, large seal cutting audition of xileng printing society, go on to “one hundred · Jin Shihong source” large international seal cutting trials and carving a review of the exhibition, the ninth “medium as to disease cup” taishun county stone carving competition, “fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo international art award” poem calligraphy contest and review of the judges, “east academy cup” director of the national calligraphy seal cutting panel contents in the book of songs, etc.He studied under Feng Shukai and Kang Yin successively.Thousands of printed works have been published in more than 100 newspapers and periodicals at home and abroad.His seal cutting works have been exhibited in Totori prefecture, Xiaoping City, Ise City, Nishinomiya city and other places for six times respectively. He has participated in the “second International Seal Cutting Art Exhibition” in South Korea, and was invited to participate in “Jinshi Yongshou · China’s First Shoushan Stone Seal Cutting Exhibition”, “Jiangshan Dojiao international Seal Cutting Invitational Exhibition”, “the sixth National Seal Cutting Art Exhibition”.Seal cutting works were invited to fly “Shenqi” into space and participate in “Ode to Peace · Shenqi Space Flight Art Tour calligraphy and Painting Exhibition” “Shanghai World Expo Seal cutting Works Exhibition” and so on.Invited by Singapore Book Association for three times to give lectures and hold individual exhibitions in Singapore, and led a delegation to Japan for cultural and artistic exchanges, which won great reputation both at home and abroad.He has written more than 400,000 words of news, newsletters and academic articles.Academic papers respectively participated in the “National seal”, “seal in the three North regions”, “the first national seal cutting and seal cutting development strategy seminar”.Chief editor and invited editor of “Chinese printing yearbook”, “contemporary seal cutting dictionary”, “twentieth century Chinese calligraphers and painters printing dictionary” and other dozens of books, special books published.Develop more than 10 vocals such as Han Huan-feng Printing, Han Huan-feng Seal Script, Han Huan-feng Printing World, Wa Zhai Wenchun, Zhu Chen Shiyun History of Cangzhou Celebrities, Bi-sonic development of Han Huan-feng.His seal works have won the bronze prize of “National Seal Engraving Art Exhibition” and “United Nations world Peace Year Art Exhibition” respectively, and he has won gold, silver, bronze and excellence award dozens of times in national seal exhibition competitions.(Mr Han Huanfeng with “champion” in the CCTV “treasure evaluation” program) planning organized the “national mid-stream and seal cutting exhibition,” “national urban mid-stream and seal cutting exhibition” “the sea the mid-stream was ten, twenty, twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five anniversary celebration,” “Chinese and foreign famous tea books invitational exhibition” “the second YinXue seminar” in hebei province “for Chinese seal Yang champion” and so on large-scale exhibitions, activitiesMore than ten times.He was invited to write a huge stele “One thousand Characters” (40 meters by 2.5 meters) for Jinghai Palace Stele Corridor of Leizhou, and seal the South African President “Zuma” as a national gift for “G 20 International Summit”.(Mr. Han Hwan-bong shakes hands with Singaporean President Nathan.) His experience and achievements have been made into TV feature films han Hwan-bong, The Seal Engraving Master, And The Master of The Rest of the Fast, which have been broadcast on municipal, provincial and CCTV TV stations.Biography and works are included in hundreds of books, such as Biographies of Chinese writers and artists, Complete Works of Chinese Seal Engraving, Dictionary of Chinese Ancient and modern calligraphers, Works of Members of Chinese Calligraphy Association, and works of members of Xiling Seal Society.His works have been collected by dozens of forest of Steles and National Museum, CCTV, Chairman MAO Memorial Hall, Zhongnanhai and many art galleries, memorials and museums.According to Han Zhongqing, chief editor of Han’s Ancient and Modern Poems, he invited brother Hwanfeng, a famous seal cutter in China, to carve a seal for han’s ancient and modern Poems before the Spring Festival in 2022, and Brother Hwanfeng gladly accepted.On February 4, 2022, he was informed that the seal had been made and the photos of the seal slough and the stone were sent.”In the qing dynasty, printed on the back cover of the book, and then by your collection.”Brother Huanfeng said, “You carefully planned and edited this book, and also personally went to Rizhao to negotiate with Chairman Bangtai about the printing funds. Chairman Bangtai generously gave money and made great contributions, which is admirable.At the same time, you invited two experts, Professor Cheng Wu, Chun Jian and Jing Ming, who are famous in Chinese poetry, to serve as the main positions of the editorial committee respectively.”Brother Huanfeng finally said, “I firmly believe that with the concerted efforts of the above three poets, you will succeed in compiling your book.I wish “Han’s Selected Poems” published as soon as possible.Thank you!”Mr. Han Zhongqing said, “Han’s senior three jie, wen Guan eight.Jin Dian chuan lu, cloud was colorful rui;The word field has become a school of its own, and eight generations of the decline of the text.”There are thousands of han cultural celebrities in ancient times: Han Yu, the first of eight famous writers in tang and Song Dynasties and a world-class literary giant, will guide you into the book “Han’s Ancient and modern Poetry”.Han Xiang, Han Wo, Han Lingkun, Han Yi, Han Fei, Han Xin, Han Ying, Han Shizhong, Han Qi, Han tuozhou and so on. The poems, couplets and articles of the ancestors all occupy a place in the cultural treasure house of China for five thousand years.The origin of poetry is ancient.Since the Tang Dynasty, more than 1400 years, dust cover beads and jade is inevitable.Therefore, this levy is selected in the present in the ancient, refinement and not perfection.The door to call for papers is closed when the volume is full (the first volume will be submitted by the end of June 2022).After the publication, the selected Poems will be donated to han’s cultural Garden (Rizhao, Shandong province), han’s ancestral halls, Han’s organizations and cultural organizations in various provinces, cities and autonomous regions, and will be collected in the National Library of China.Han’s contemporary poets and ci writers spread all over the world, and their masterpieces are frequently circulated.In order to carry forward the excellent traditional culture, stimulate people’s appreciation and creation enthusiasm for ancient and modern poetry, and promote the prosperity and development of Chinese culture, we have decided to edit and publish han’s Selected Ancient and Modern Poetry.I first got to know Mr. Han Huanfeng when I edited and published the book The Proud Son of Cangzhou. I was in charge of online publicity and my husband was the chief editor. After a period of contact, I got to know Mr. Han Huanfeng.I was impressed by Mr. Huan Feng’s personality charm and rich learning experience, and his colorful and powerful language, with the accent of Huanghua dialect, is Mr. Han Huanfeng’s own unique identity.After that, I cooperated with Mr. Huanfeng and Canghai Printing Company a lot, from which I felt that Mr. Han huanfeng’s feelings of seal cutting were undoubtedly full of the veins dyed by traditional culture, no matter the temper of line techniques or the pursuit of aesthetic ideas.As the president of Canghai Printing Company, Han Huanfeng actively develops the cause of cangzhou seal cutting, inherits the cultural context of Cangzhou, he integrates the stone seal cutting with the spirit of The Times, and gives it new life and vitality.Canghai Seal Society under his leadership, and at home and abroad seal groups to carry out exchanges, joint exhibition activities, the members of the seal society won many achievements in the national exhibition competition, by the national seal cutting community attention and recognition.Today, I heard that Mr. Han Huanfeng is the back cover of the book “Han’s Ancient and modern Poems”.Very gratified, in its seal, we can feel Mr. Han’s calligraphy and seal cutting art, feel Mr. Han Huanfeng’s seal cutting feelings, humanistic concepts and family spirit.Zhao Zhizhong, pseudonym Zhao Gang, was born in April 1973 in Huaizhen, Xian County, Hebei Province.His works have been published in “Poetry Journal”, “Chinese Poetry”, “Chinese Fu” and so on., the poet Confucius said poets society, Chinese Writers Association member, Chinese poetry, Chinese poetry net 2017 outstanding correspondent, tour “2017 top ten award winner, poetry association member, hebei province, hebei province artist association, deputy secretary-general of hebei cangzhou poetry couplets, executive director of the confederation of cangzhou new, cangzhou writers association members,Editorial Board member of Cangzhou Proud Son, founder of Poetry Seeing the World, Cangzhou Station chief of Cangfeng, member of the 15th Committee of Xianxian County, director of Xianxian County Knowledge Association, vice president and secretary General of Xianxian County New Association, representative of the 7th Congress of Cangzhou City Federation of Literary and Art Circles, etc.