How to practice drawing different textures

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In the background, different materials need to be painted, such as wood, stone, concrete, glass and metal.The simple sense of the material can not be simply brushed by besmear different colors.Capturing the properties of a material is the key to drawing different textures.Concrete, wood and corrugated cardboard are frosted materials that do not reflect easily on surfaces.The matte texture material adds touch (painting direction and momentum) along the light and shade.Reflective materials such as metal and glass capture not only changes in light and shade, but also reflections.When drawing a reflection, it is easier to express it by overlapping the strokes of the reflection in a direction perpendicular to the strokes of the light and shade.Strictly speaking, all reflections are reflections, so we’re going to make assumptions about what’s going on around us, but this time we’ll explain “looklike expressions” as a trick.The base cube wood texture first draws the brown cube at the bottom and then from the top so that the tree ring portion and the cross section of the tree ring connect naturally.As with concrete, if you make chips in the corners, you will get a natural look.Texture of concrete By adding small holes made of bubbles to the white cube of the base, you can make it look like concrete.Holes cannot be drawn lightly with a translucent brush, but should be drawn sharply with a single brush to increase hardness.Holes cannot be drawn lightly with a translucent brush, but should be drawn sharply with a single brush to increase hardness.It is also important to treat specific corners.The texture becomes more realistic if the missing sections are drawn at the corners where the faces meet.Corrugated board texture When you draw a cross section or crease that shows the thickness of hair, corrugated board looks like corrugated board.Bending the outline a little also effectively gives the paper a curved feel.Metallic textures use intersecting strokes to add reflections to the light and shade of the base cube.Make the line as sharp as possible.The highlights on the corners are also represented by lines, but if you zoom in, it’s easier to draw if you know it’s a reflection on a small surface.Like metal, glass is a very reflective material that needs to be expressed with a pure feeling.You can easily create transparency using the layers feature of drawing software.Let’s practice drawing various textures (textures) I explained some of the points above in drawing textures, but no matter how many points you know, it’s meaningless unless you can draw.That’s why I’ll explain how to practice.I think it’s rare to draw a lot of textures when drawing an illustration or a character.Is it mainly skin, hair and clothes as a girl’s personality?Most illustrations usually take a long time to complete, so you will have less experience drawing different textures.Therefore, when you get used to writing illustrations, you need to “draw and practice a lot of textures”.The practice is very simple.Simply draw the texture according to the theme in the image below.When drawing, it is best to fix the position of lights.It’s difficult, but as you practice, you’ll gradually be able to draw.