Jiang Zhaoli Ming: Yu Hong’s parents did not neglect their daughter at the very beginning. They were afraid of comparing with each other

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Yu Hong a second generation, living in a small house, the house on the edge of the light rail, from morning to night after the light rail let her sleep well, but the house she also only use the right to write on the property card is her father’s name.As a less than than the next more open 2 generation, Yu Hong is jealous of colleague Li Xiaonan, because Li Xiaonan has a good husband Su Rui.Below the circumstance that Li Xiaonan creates opportunity paintedly, Yu Hong and Su Rui had extramarital affair, Yu Hong believed the word of Su Rui, early evening and Li Xiaonan divorce married him.Results two people just know dissatisfaction three months, Yu Hong was pregnant, Su Rui went back on his word however, two people produced a fierce quarrel.Then Su Rui was found by fishermen in the river, Yu Hong forgot su Rui the night before that he was pregnant when the indifference, the heart only remember Su Rui’s good.Yu Hong aborts first, made su Rui funeral greatly again, be reprimanded by father, decide to die for love, be saved by li Xiaonan of rival in love next.Did not equal red reason gives clue, however from captain Chen mouth that Su Rui is close to him from the beginning is for money, then she will spearhead aimed at Li Xiaonan.Looking back, does Yu Hong really love Su Rui? I don’t think so.Yu Hong is just too lonely, too lack of love, so clearly know Su Rui is Li Xiaonan’s husband, or became lover with Su Rui however.According to Yu Hong’s memories, she was allergic to shrimp, so shrimp never appeared on the family table before her brother Yu Yang was born.By the time Yu Yang was born, his parents’ attention had shifted.Because Yu Yang likes to eat shrimp, the family will make shrimp for every meal, all kinds of shrimp, the parents seem to forget that their daughter is allergic to shrimp, also asked the elder sister to peel shrimp for the younger brother.Home demolition of thousands of square meters of the house, but not willing to give her daughter a set, the daughter only rebuked.Obviously Yu Hong was deceived by a man who played with women’s feelings, sad hurt the body, but the father is only concerned about his son in school by the rumor.Yu Hong think Su Rui good to yourself, in fact, su Rui just remember her shrimp allergy, gave her a tube of lipstick, the rest is just some sweet words.In that rainy night, Yu Hong stressed that he was pregnant, but Su Rui only concerned about letting Yu Hong do an alibi for him.Yu Hong said to abort the child, Su Rui also just said their money, but also can accompany yu Hong to the hospital.It is su Rui different indifference, just let yu Hong in the quarrel with the stone hurt Su Rui.It can be said that if it is not Su Rui then died, yu Hong and Su Rui also can not long, on the one hand, Su Rui found in the second generation of money, on the other hand, Yu Hong found su Rui did not have much feelings for himself.I used to think that Yu Hong deserved it when she fell into that situation. After all, her situation is actually much better than many of her peers.Look back again, I have a new idea, Why yu Hong to parents over boys upset, work not ambitious, life into everyone shout dozen small three, because she also experienced the day of parental care.Before The birth of Yu Yang, Yu Hong was also a little princess in the family, held in the palm of her parents, but all this changed after the birth of Yu Yang, the parents focused on their son, she became the one who was ignored.Yu Hongming know Su Rui is a colleague’s husband, or for the point of warmth became a small third, because Su Rui remember her shrimp allergy, gave her lipstick, show her care, let her subconscious ignored the other.Can only say that a person if never got, may not be afraid of losing, the most afraid is once owned, lost will be bitter.If Yu Hong never got the care of parents, may not exile themselves, her parents in the son was born, the attitude of the daughter has changed greatly, this is the reason why Yu Hong was confused by Su Rui.Jiang Zhao dawn: the night of the incident su Rui will be about red in Jialing hotel is not only to alibi Jiang Zhao dawn: strong Huang Huilan kneel let red break the change of attitude Jiang Zhao dawn: Li Xiaonan suffered domestic violence choose not to send, not only because su Rui later apologize