Kunshan super characteristic scenic spots, because of its thrilling and exciting characteristics, few tourists to experience this

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Kunshan super feature attractions, because of its exciting features, few visitors to experience the kunshan city believe that many people have some impression, the city’s development over the years still good, it is very close to Shanghai, but prices are not high in Shanghai, this is a relatively livable city.In the early years, many people would choose to work here, the price here is not high, but the salary is relatively high, in fact, many people ignore many places here is also very good scenery, we can visit here in leisure time.Many people don’t know, kunshan has a very distinctive attractions, this place thrilling or higher, it is because of this, so a lot of people even know this is not willing to come and try to experience here, if you prefer to stimulate, believe you will like here, this place is the hanging wall of the highway,But listen to the name of many people in front of the can already emerge a breathtaking picture.This road is located in the suburbs, it is located in follwed ridge scenic area, its length is longer, a good 7500 meters, when you had the road under construction difficulty is very big, because in the mountain ShanYaoChu through about 500 meters above sea level, the difficulty of the whole construction of the spring, but in order to the convenience of traffic, to this project,After experiencing many difficulties, the construction of the wall road was finally completed.Due to the difficulty of construction, the tunnel is relatively narrow, allowing only one vehicle to pass through. In addition, for lighting and appreciation, there are many transparent skylights along the wall highway, through which drivers can enjoy the scenery outside during driving.Have to say this is breathtaking, because chances are you’re looked up will see outside is unfathomable cliff, felt great psychological pressure, but this is for the psychological quality good old driver, so that the pressure is not big, it is a pleasure, but for some new drivers, is likely to be very challenging, it is because of this,So many people have heard of it, but dare not challenge it.Along the way scenery is very beautiful here, we can see various natural scenery, here not only high cliffs, and in on sunny days, we can also see from far away, green water of castle peak, I let a person feel the mood relaxed all the more, if you like the scenery here like natural scenery, experience must come here!