Looking forward to the opening of Asia’s largest railway passenger terminal

2022-05-13 0 By

On February 11, the 11th day of the first lunar month, the sun was warm in Beijing after the start of spring, and the branches of magnolia were showing hairy buds.Between Beijing’s west third and west fourth rings, a majestic superstructure has been built, like a new landmark in the south of the city.This is the completion of Asia’s largest railway hub passenger station – Beijing Fengtai station.(February 14, People’s Railway) This is a “comprehensive railway station to witness history” showing the growth of China’s century-old history.Standing in the new station room on the third floor we dimly visible old Fengtai station figure.As the earliest railway station in Beijing, Old Fengtai station was built in 1896, the 22nd year of the Reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. Almost all the railways connected to the station were built with foreign capital and technology.After 126 years, with the completion of Beijing Fengtai Station, the old Fengtai Station will officially retire from the stage of history.126 years ago, China had no railway, but now the revival of high-speed railway leads the world.126 years full of a railway struggle, cut off the growth of China’s railway.This is a “stick to struggle comprehensive railway station” condenses the wisdom of the majority of builders.Since the construction of Beijing Fengtai Station started in September 2018, the majority of construction workers have hardly taken weekends or holidays. During the Spring Festival holiday just past, more than 800 construction workers stuck to the station and only took half a day off on the morning of New Year’s Eve.After more than 1200 days and nights of fighting, we are finally looking forward to the harvest time!With four floors above ground and three floors underground, it has formed a unique pattern of “high-speed rail on the top floor, general speed on the ground and underground subway”. It is the first superlarge passenger station in China that adopts overlapping arrangement of high-speed and general speed passenger car yards.It takes a lot of people’s painstaking efforts and a lot of unknown sadness to build such a large integrated hub station integrating subway, universal railway and high-speed railway into one, which is now the largest in Asia.This is a “comprehensive railway station of science and art” adding color to the construction of beautiful China.Standing in fengtai station outside we can see the warm gold wheat color of the decorative tone, which interprets the “harvest, festival, brilliant” cultural connotation;The pleasant color changes and mountain, river and other modeling design, as if we are in nature, in such a large station, individuals will not feel “oblique.The construction of Fengtai station is based on the idea of people-centered development and the concept of “smooth integration, green warmth, economic art, intelligent and convenient”. The design and construction of the station show care and respect for passengers everywhere.Such a modern and historical art hub will become a new place for the people.The construction of Beijing Fengtai Station has carried forward the broad masses of builders who are especially able to bear hardships, especially able to fight, especially able to contribute.Let’s look forward to its harvest time together!