“Miracle stupid kid” : the mystery of creating a miracle, all in a “stupid” above

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Watching the movie “miracle stupid kid”, makes the author think of a lot of stories about entrepreneurship, the past people and things, all is in telling the truth of a little-known, that is a fool always easy to create the miracle, remarkable achievements, and the so-called smart people, good at opportunistic, the end result is not satisfactory.The specific situation, and see below to elaborate.First of all, stupid is lucky.A lot of people think this is supposed to comfort those stupid kids, but it’s not.In the movie forrest Gump, even though forrest Gump is a kid with a real low IQ, he loves sports and insists on his faith. In the process of growth, he is full of miracles and becomes a football star, a hero of Vietnam War, a ping-pong master and a real millionaire.This is not stupid people have stupid luck, many people want to get one of the achievements in their life, but fool Forrest Gump can get it.There is a saying in the West, where angels dare not walk, fools walk in one step.In the story of “Miracle stupid child”, the male hero Jing Hao chooses to open a factory and start a business, which seems inconceivable to many people, but he leng is successful and walks to the glory of life from now on.This is also the same truth, that is to create a miracle, all in a “stupid” word above, others do not think of the time, is often a few successful opportunities.Second, stupid solutions are sometimes shortcuts.There is a calligraphy enthusiast named Broken Stone on the Internet who has been learning calligraphy for several years.When he was young, the leaders of some calligraphy associations held training classes to recruit people and told him some shortcuts to success in calligraphy, so as to gain fame and fortune by participating in various exhibitions.At that time, Mr. Broken stone did not choose to follow the trend of this road, but to continue to be pragmatic, not to engage in speculation.Now his calligraphy, but very good practice, by more and more people love.Mr. Fan Guangling, once the father of Chinese computer and a world famous artist, appraised his calligraphy as “a rising star with a bright future”.A lot of things are similar, haste makes waste, which requires “stupid” and “clumsy” to continuously polish and quench, so that it is constantly optimized and improved.In the movie, the hero, Jing Ho, tries to make money to pay for his sister’s medical treatment. After a speculative failure, he also chooses to upgrade his accessories, which leads him to success.Obviously, speculation is much easier, and open a factory to hire people to do processing to a lot of trouble, but Jing Hao still adhere to it, and even later get Zhao’s five million orders, to the success of life mode.Looking back on the story, Jing Hao probably didn’t make much money at first, even if he succeeded in his venture, but he did make a lot of money by opening a factory to refurbish old mobile phone accessories.Most of the time, stupid way is a shortcut.It can be said that in the movie “Miracle stupid child”, in fact, hidden many secrets of success, that is, to see the opportunity that others do not think of, and then to do, this is the mystery of the word “stupid”.